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Chapter 10: Permanently


After I called Leanna and Estela that I would be going ahead, back to New Haven, I looked at the ticket on my hands.


Izu Island


What am I doing?


I continued to lock my gaze at the young boy who was sitting, sleeping peacefully on the couch, ten meters away from me.


I sighed, remembering what happened.


Following the person who dominated my entire heart all the way into the airport was a shameless, desperate idea.

I cant help it! Im going crazy here! I need to talk to him again.


When I saw he checked in on a flight going to Izu Island, I didnt have second thoughts. I bought a ticket, not minding the price for the abrupt booking. I sighed in secret that there was still a seat left.


Well, why wouldnt it have any seats left?


Izu Island is a luxury island. A favorite hangout place of the rich and powerful. Not many could afford the extravagant price for a night in there.


I wonder what hes going to do there? Vacation? Doesnt he have class?


Before I sat down on a couch in front of the boarding gate, I bought myself a shirt and jeans to get out of the ridiculous peacock dress. I was about to approach him when he closed his eyes and took a nap.


I didnt want to disturb him, so I contented to sat and gape at him from afar.


I sighed again, more heavy from the last.


I didnt know I could chase a man like this. I didnt know that he could make me do crazy things.


He clearly saw me in the hotel lobby, but he acted like he didnt know me. His deep brown eyes didnt even hold recognition.


Am I just a passing woman to him?


I shook the idea off. I couldnt believe that he would forget me just like that.


But the thought that he did forget me ate away my heart, mind, body, and soul.


I held on to the note in my hand.


I didnt know what I wanted after meeting him again.


Was it to say hi?


No. I wanted more.


Was it to get to know him?


No. I wanted more.


Was it to be friends with him?


No. I wanted more.


I closed my eyes.


Fudge! I do know what I want.


The moment I gave my virginity to him, drug or no drug, that moment sealed everything.


I wanted him to be a part of my life.



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