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Chapter 1: Scheme

“I know what’s been going on between you and Sophia.”

Nicholas Farrell stopped sipping his wine and glanced at Emma Collin in front of him.

They were currently alone in the Collin’s family library after they came from New York for Sophia Collin’s dress on her debut.

“Aunt Emma, is this the reason why you called me here?” Nicholas kept his voice even and face expressionless.

Emma leaned against the couch and tilted her head to the side.

“Let us be honest here, Nicholas. When you are with me, no need to act all righteous.”

Nicholas frowned. He realized that he might have fooled Zoe and Sophia and other women – but not this woman.

He grinned.

“It was your daughters who approached me first. I don’t mind keeping my distance from Sophia if that is your wish.”

Nicholas was not a fool to make an enemy with the Collin’s. He didn’t force Zoe to have sex with him was precisely because of this reason.

Emma remained unmoved as she maintained her angelic smile.

“Don’t get me wrong Nicholas. I know that you and Sophia are just currently enjoying each other’s company, nothing serious… It’s just that, are you satisfied in letting Zoe go just like that?”

Nicholas frowned. It dawned on him that this woman knew exactly what was going on since the beginning. She knew that the only reason why he approached Zoe was that because of his lust for her.

“You knew,” was all Nicholas could say.

Emma’s smile became even more extensive.

“Then why did you allow me to approach Zoe if you knew?”

That was a stupid question on his part. He already knew the answer.

“I thought you are a smart man, Nicholas. It should be obvious by now that I hate that girl.”

Emma’s eyes held a vicious glint as she said those words.

That’s right. She hated Zoe to the core of her being. Zoe was a living reminder from that whore who stole Arnold Collin from her. She was in love with Arnold for years, but unfortunately, the man married another woman, and she was forced to marry another man.

However, she refused to give up even after that. She did everything in her power to seduce Arnold until she succeeded. To ultimately be together, she drugged her husband causing him to die of heart attack. Arnold divorced his wife, but the latter died due to depression, but not before leaving a child that was Zoe.

Emma didn’t want to kill Zoe because that would be too swift. She wanted her to be humiliated, to feel despair all her life. That was the only way that she could appease her jealous heart.

“Let me help you fulfill your desires.”

Nicholas stared at the woman in front of him. Under the dim lights, Emma’s face became like of those horror movies with eyes glinting from viciousness and a sinister smile that chilled one to the bones.

“Aunt Emma…, your saying… you want me to…… rape Zoe?” Nicholas carefully said his words like a whisper, afraid that someone might hear.

“What I’m saying is… I can help you in luring Zoe in. Whatever you do to her is none of my concern. You can drug her. Tie her up and blindfold her. Either way is up to you. All I want is to see her face full of anguish while she breathes.”

Emma already thought of this long ago, but couldn’t find someone to do the job because of his husband. After all, Zoe was still Arnold’s daughter – still a Collin, so everyone she contacted refused.

But now, Nicholas Farrell came into the picture. She could use this man to humiliate Zoe even further.

Nicholas couldn’t believe that the usual calm and angelic woman could be this vicious and cruel.

“Aunt Emma, don’t you think this is risky on my part?”

“Don’t worry, I assure you whatever happens here will remain here. I assume with your intelligence, you could do whatever you want with her without letting her know that it was you.”

Nicholas stared at the woman sitting opposite him. This was a risky gamble, after all, Zoe was still a Collin. If her father knows about this.

He was about to refuse, but a devil whispered in his ear.

You can use Zoe to lure Leanna.

He stopped opening his mouth, and after a while, he covered his eyes with his hand while he trembled in excitement and anticipation while his cock throbbed for revenge.

“You have yourself a deal.”

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