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The whole world seemed to have stopped as we stared at the scene in front of us. My father and mother had now totally forgotten about me as they stared questioningly at the twins.

“Zoe…. did you… the one you… slept with… was Lawrence?” I softly and carefully said, denying every words, not minding the gasped from the audience.

I could have waited for a private time to ask, but the eagerness of knowing the truth overcame me.



No one said a word, even my parents look at Lawrence, waiting for his reply.

Zoe was the one who broke the silence. She guiltily turned her pretty face towards my direction, looking all apologetic.

“I didn’t know.”


I tightly closed my eyes and opened them, looking all threateningly at the girl.

I have mix feelings about this, but I was sure as hell that it was not a happy feeling.

Lawrence is just a twelve-year-old kid! It’s even considered as a crime!

For heaven’s sake!

I was about to lash out at Zoe when Lawrence walked in front of her to face me.

“Sis. It’s not her fault! I was the one who had done the deed.”


“No! It was my fault; I was the one who seduced him!”


“Easy…” Cain supported me as he pressed my head against his broad chest when my body lost its strength.

“Z-Zoe… you two… you did… a one night stand…” My voice was barely a whisper as the realization forced its way into my brain.

Zoe stepped up and pointed at herself with pleading eyes.

“Leanna! It’s not just going to be a one-night stand! I promise that it won’t remain that way. I really wanted to have a relationship with him. One of this days, I’ll tell Lawrence that I love him!”






Aghh…. Zoe, you brainless girl.

“Oh my…” My mother clasped her hands and walked in front of Zoe with scrutinizing eyes as she looked her up and down.

Then she nodded her head while my father held his face high, emanating with pride.

I was completely convinced that my parents have a few screws loose in their heads.

“C-could you…. leave us for a moment….” I managed to say as I couldn’t seem to handle anymore of this kind of conversation.

“Alright. We will leave first… it’s good that you’re alright now, Leanna.” Zhander forcefully dragged Estela by the shoulder as the girl tried to protest.

“B-but, I’m Leanna’s best friend. I’m her sister to be. I’m family. I have the right to remain here.”

“Not today, Estela.” Zhander grabbed Emery with his other hand while dragging Estela with the other.

“Let’s go.” Zhander nudged the stunned Emery whose sparkly blue eyes remained fixated on Lance, not budging even for a second since the moment she saw him.

“I want to stay.” Emery absentmindedly said in finality which made Zhander forcefully dragged her by the hand. “What’s wrong with you two? This is a family affair. Let’s go!”

Then Zhander pulled the two unwillingly woman out of the room. I could still even hear the whining of the two women in the hallway.

“I- I want to talk to you…. g-give me your number.” Zoe meekly mumbled at Lawrence while her eyes darted left and right with cheeks painted in red.

Lawrence grinned and teasingly replied, “I don’t want to.”

Zoe’s face fell and looked all hurt.

Then Lawrence brought out his phone.

“Give me your number. I’ll be the one to call you later.”

Zoe seemed to be on cloud nine, still dreaming and floating as she reluctantly went out of the room with a love-struck smile on her face.

I have goosebumps all over!

I couldn’t believe that my brother just flirted in front of me! I felt like I didn’t know who this kid was anymore!

What happened when I was just months away?

The changed was too much of a drastic that I refused to accept it.

“And you?”

Lance high sneer at Cain made me think that somehow…

There is something wrong with the way I guided the twins.

Cain didn’t budge at my brother’s crass remarked as he just stared at me some more before he stood up.

I immediately grabbed his shirt.


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