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Epilogue 1

“Are you okay?”

I retracted my eyes outside the plane’s window when Cain’s fingers gently brushed my cheek.

I turned and gave him a warm smile.

“Yeah…. it’s just… I can’t believe that we’re already married…. This is all… felt surreal.”

Cain warmly smiled and intertwined our fingers, then he kissed my forehead.

“You’re just tired after all that event. Go to sleep. We still have seven hours to reach Finland.”

“Mmm……,” I nuzzled myself closer to him.

We were currently on his private plane to Finland to have our one-week European tour just like Cain had promised for my birthday.

I closed my eyes when I felt his lips on mine.

The kiss was soft and gentle. Slowly savoring the taste. I was lost in the tickling warm sensation of his tongue licking my lips. The erotic sounds of our kissing and moans sent waves of warmth down my thighs.


I flung my eyes open and wanted to pull away when I felt something sharp pricked my neck, but Cain’s steady hand on my nape prevented me from moving anywhere else.


I pushed his chest when I felt something injected inside me. Fortunately, he pulled away together with that prickling sensation.

“What is that?” I frowned when I saw that he was disposing some kind of a syringe.

Cain just smiled at me after he completely disposed of it.

“It’s nothing. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Then he hugged my body to rest on his while he ran his fingers through my hair before kissing my forehead. “Now, sleep.”

I wanted to know what he just injected me with, but I felt that my eyelids grew heavy, my vision hazy before my mind blanked out.

After a while, I was dead asleep in his arms.

We arrived at Finland at precisely ten in the evening, and I could already see the aurora even from the place.


My breath was literally swept away.

The place we were staying was an exclusive igloo house just for the Fay’s, nestled on the vast mountains of snow where not a soul could be seen, but only the trees, the endless horizon, the stars, the moon, and that enchanting northern lights.

I didn’t know what to take in first. The scenery, the Aurora, the room with a glass window to view the northern lights or the man who was now stripping in front of me.



Wait. What?

“W-what are you doing?”

I stammered as I try not to look down on that enticingly dangerous view below.

Cain naughtily grinned.

“Consummating our marriage.”

My legs instantly went weak.

That’s right!

We are already married!

So that what was been nagging me the whole ride.

Before I could even laugh at myself, Cain was already close to me – as in super close with only his boxers on.

He held my chin as he roamed his eyes on my face. His eyes were full of longing and desire and – love.

Before he could even lean in closer, I pushed his chest away as I shifted my heating head away from his lips.

“I-I… I… I want to take a bath.”

I scurried over to the bathroom, and oddly enough – he just let me go.

I closed the door and rest my back there for support as I gripped my heart.

I breathed deeply to relax myself.

I didn’t know why, but I felt, really – really felt nervous at the thought that – this is it!

We are really going to do it!

A rushed of excitement, thrilled, and nervousness overflowed me.

I slowly made my way under the rain shower and was about to undress when the door opened and came in Cain.

What. How did he get in? I locked the door.

I wanted to facepalm myself when of course – a locked door couldn’t stop this man.

All the words stuck in my throat when he slowly made his time walking towards me with so much intensity in his eyes that was enough to burn me to ashes.

Unconsciously, I backed away.

Wrong move.

I just enticed the man with my actions.

He steadily took long strides, and before I knew it – he was just inches away from me.

I closed my eyes when he reached out.



The attack never came. Instead, the shower opened, and I flinched at the warm water.

If I could kill with my eyes, Cain must be ten meters deep in the ground by now.

“What? I want to take a shower too.” He teasingly said while he scooted over next to me under the rain shower.

My frustrations were immediately replaced by adoration when he ran his fingers through his wet hair. His lean muscles and abs dripping with water and…


His strong, sexy butt and hard rock erection formed beneath his wet boxers.

I licked my lips and gulped my saliva to wet my dry throat. I could even hear my ragged breathing as my eyes couldn’t tear away from his wet body.

“Like what you see?”

I shook away my lustful eyes and found him grinning, his gaze challenging me.

Oh, two can play this game.

I squinted my eyes at him as I felt my adrenaline burst inside me.

I bumped him off the shower with my hips and flipped my hair on his grinning face.

The warm water felt heavenly on my cold skin.

I turned around to face him as I seductively licked my lips and slowly, enticingly comb my hair back with my fingers. I pushed my plump breasts beneath the wet dress to enticed him with my nipples erect forming against the thin fabric.

I smiled triumphantly when his grinning face disappeared as his jaw tightened while his Adam’s apple bobbled up and down. His vicious eyes full of lust and desire.

I bit my lips and batted my eyelids at him.

“Like what you see?” I teased.

Cain’s eyes turned a shade deep darker as his pupils constricted.

“Vixen, I won’t be merciful.”

I grabbed her waist and pressed her body as I held her nape to cut her escape and smashed my lips against hers.

All my pent up frustrations. The desire. The longing. The lust. All burst out.

But even so – I held on.

I’ll hurt her if I don’t.

Don’t rush, we have all the time in the world.

The violent and savaged kiss turned slow as I gently nibbled and sucked her lips until it was red and swollen. I gently licked it some more, teasing her, not giving her what she wanted when she opened her mouth and extended her tongue.


Ahh…. there it is…. her pleading voice….

I slowly slid my tongue inside her and she immediately welcomed me with hers.

She tasted just the right sweetness.

So addicting.

I gripped her hair to tilt her head to deepen the kiss and she immediately hugged my neck while my other hand roamed her shoulder down to her back, finding what it had been looking for.

I pulled down the zipper of her wet dress and it fell on the floor, exposing her pastel colored undergarments.

“You’re so sexy….”

I felt her clenched her abdomen and I groaned in anticipation.

I rubbed her smooth silky back as I continued to bit and sucked her tongue, she started to roam her hands on my chest down to my stomach and lingered on my erection.

It was a turn on.


She moaned in protest when I pulled away and turned her around.

As much as I wanted to take her now – I persevere.

I wanted to savor this moment.

I wanted to feel every second of this.


She purred and I tightly closed my eyes. I gripped her shoulders when she tried to turn back.

“Let me wash you.”

I whispered as I bit her earlobe and plunged my tongue inside her ear. Instantly, her legs went weak. I immediately wrapped my hand around her waist to steady her.

I turned off the shower and guided her close to the wall. She instantly plastered her palms on the marble partition while I grabbed a body wash and poured it all over her.


I sharply gasped when she flinched from the sensation, her soft firm butt grazed my hard erection.

I could hear my ragtag breathing as I stared at her. She was slightly bent, enticing me with her round shapely ass.

I squeezed and massaged those rounded cheeks, enjoying the warm soft flesh beneath my skin.

I unclasped her bra and began to wash her body with my hands.

The wonderful smooth slimy sensation of her skin felt heavenly!

She panted when I pressed my stiff cock between her thighs as I bent my body to grope her breasts.

Her delicate nipples instantly reacted to my touch.


She pleaded as she reached out to touch me. I knew she wanted it so badly as much as I do. But she’s not ready for me – yet.

I needed to prep her first.

“Shhh…. Let me wash you first, my love….”

I grabbed her arm and placed it on the wall as I nibbled her earlobe while my other arm was gently washing and squeezing her breast.

I withdrew my hand from hers as it went back to her soft clouds while my other hand roamed her lower body.

Her sweet moans enticed me to reach lower and slid my fingers beneath her panties, between her thighs.

Her hand instantly stopped mine.

“Relax… Let me wash you here, Leanna…” I cooed with my usual husky pleading voice which I knew she was weak against.

When she did, I immediately rubbed her clit and separated her soft folds. My fingers were instantly assaulted by her steamy cum. My balls tightened as I felt my cock throbbed in eagerness to be inside her.

“Nghh…. You’re so wet for me…” I groaned and felt her getting weaker by the minute.

I pulled down her panties which she immediately tossed aside as I hurriedly removed my boxers together with my briefs and turned on the shower.

I grabbed her waist and cupped her breast as I slid my rigid shaft between her sex – rubbing those wet folds while my swollen tip bumped her clit.

She reached out to grabbed my hair when I kissed her neck, sucking, nipping, licking all the way to her shoulders as I rubbed my entire length in and out against her sleek wanting folds. Her rounded soft butt met my every thrusts while my pre-cum and hers joined in the fray.

The hot slimy sensation was enough to drive me crazy and I knew she too was about to reach her limit.

I turned off the shower and turned her around to kiss her hard. Then I carried her out of the bathroom and into the bed.

I gently placed her on the soft mattress and hovered in front of her as I stared at her nakedness under the northern lights.

My lust was immediately replaced by adoration and love for her.

“Ty tak krasiva (you are so beautiful).”

I caressed her flush face and she smiled at me with her reddened cheeks.

“I ty nebesnyy (and you are heavenly).”

I chuckled and lowered my head to kiss her.

She bit her lips trying to restrain her moans when I lowered my lips down to her breasts.

I felt her clenched several times as I nipped and sucked her nipples, alternating between her two plump offerings while making sure that my hands memorized every inch of her body.

I heard her whimper when I released her two heaving breasts. I kissed the tears in her eyes and licked the saliva dripping from her mouth as I parted her legs.


She loudly moaned and grabbed my hair when I kissed her belly down to her clit.

Gasps and moans and steamy hot noises of her juices resonated in the room. I played with her soft folds, licking her sweet taste until I inserted my tongue inside her.

I can’t get enough of her taste.

She’s so addicting!

My one and only drug.

I ravished her some more, my tongue curled inside her tight slimy walls, reaching for her stimulus spot before I pulled out and nipped her clit while my fingers rubbed her sex.

I slid a finger inside. I let her adjust to me before I pumped her for her sweet secretions, curling my finger before I inserted another. I stretched her tight walls, preparing her to receive me. She arched her body and I felt her spasm, and I knew – she’ll be ripe for the picking.

I slid another finger and let her adjust before I pumped her again – hard.

She was screaming now and it won’t be long.

“Come for me, Leanna….”


She finally came when I plunged my fingers deeper while my other hand squeezed her breast, pinching and rolling her hardened tip between my fingers.

Her body arched and jerked uncontrollably, and watching her like this – fulfils me.



I let her rest for a moment before I positioned myself between her – ready to claim what I had been dreaming since the moment I laid my eyes on her.

I licked my palm and rubbed it on my cock. She needed extra lubrication.

I bent down to claim her lips as I guided her arms around my neck and slowly entered her. I made sure to control my movement. To make this a little less painful for her as much as possible. 

But my swollen tip against her tiny hole proved to be a difficult challenge. Not to mention as her sex repeatedly constrict and loosen were not helping at my predicament even the slightest.

I pulled out and inserted my finger inside her to coat it with her sweet arousal before I rubbed it on her clit. Making circular motions and massages to help her relax as I moved tiny strokes to enter her, letting her adjust to me before gently, carefully, agonizingly, penetrate her inch by delicious inch. Even though it was killing me, I had to endure for her sake.

“Ah! Nghh!! Argh!!”

I felt her nails dug into my back – I didn’t care. She was hurting and if I could alleviate it a little… then, she could scratch my back to her heart’s content.

“C-Cain… i-it hurts… i-it hurts….”

She shifted her head and stared at me with teary eyes – her face flush and my heart softened.

“Leanna…. my love…. It’s only the tip.”

I chuckled when her eyes bulged out while her expression contorted in fear.

I paused my movement and kissed the tears in her eyes and softy planted kisses on her face to relax her as I slowly crept my hand on top of her head while my other hand steadied her waist.

There is no other way.

“C-Cain…. c-can you… s-stop…?” She sniffled.

Ah…. My dear….

Wrong choice of words.

She melted when I gently kissed her earlobe and tenderly whispered.

“Leanna…. I’ve been wanting this since the very first time we’ve met. Don’t ask me to stop now.”

I ruthlessly plunged inside her – in one full thrust.


She screamed mixed with my groans of pleasure and pain.

I almost lost myself at the amazing sensation inside her. How her soft flesh wrapped and enfolded my shaft nearly made me cum. How her walls clasped and unclasped as the torturous pain of being squeezed to the maximum, that my circulation was almost cut, brought me wonderful pleasure – pleasure beyond compare.

I want more.

I let her scream and cry in pain before I planted soft kisses on her body to relax her and let her adjust to my size.

My eyebrows twitched when I felt hot thick liquids gushing out of her.

I coaxed her with the gentlest tone I could master.

“Leanna…. only this time… this time…. be wounded by me….”

I started to move, slowly, carefully, in and out of her. I maintained my pace as I continued to ravish her neck.

When I felt her somewhat adjusted to me, I straightened my back and grabbed her waist to pound her hard.

“Breathe…. Leanna…. Don’t hold it in….”

She heeded my command and the room boomed with her moans, gasps and screams – it was like a euphoric symphony in my ears.



She continued to cry my name and it only made my blood excited.

I kneeled between her legs and raised them, resting her calves over my shoulders.

I rocked her in a side-to-side and up-and-down motion to bring the head and shaft of my manhood in direct contact with the front walls of her sex.

This angle allowed for deeper penetration.

I thrust slowly at first to avoid causing her discomfort.

When she had gotten the hang of it – I quicken my pace and thrusted deeper, alternating between shallow and deep penetrations.

My breathing hot in gruff pants as I pounded her relentlessly.

I pulled out and she look at me, relief in her misty half close eyes.

But not for long.

I slammed my hips forward, burying my cock to the hilt, deeper and harder than never before causing our head to snapped back as my hips hammered hers while my balls smashed against her sexy ass.

Her breathing became short and shallow. Her skin flushed. Her engorged breasts indicated that she was nearing the peak of her arousal.

She’s nearing her orgasm.

And I am too.

“Aargghhh! Caaiiiinnn!!”

She screamed when she found her release, her body convulsed uncontrollably.

The hot, thick, wet and the clenching of her insides brought me immeasurable pleasure. With a few more deep thrusts, I grabbed her waist and released my cum deep inside her, making sure she took in every lost drop of me. Staying in place to make sure none of my seeds leak out from her. I wanted my scent to remain inside her, to mix together with hers.

I put her legs down and pressed my weight against her.

I kissed her flush face and licked her tears, her sweat, her saliva.

“You are…. mine now. All mine… my love.” I whispered between breathes.

She clenched and I felt weak.

I could feel the pleasure building up once more in the pit of my stomach down to my more than welling penis.

I kissed her forehead and let her have her quick rest.


She protested between catching her breathes when I pulled out my erection and out of the bed to ransack my suitcase.

“Be right back, my love…”

When my fingers grabbed what it had been looking for, I immediately went back between her legs.

“What…. *huff …. are you doing?”

She was so weak and fragile and small against me with her muffled tiny voice. Her body limped while she could barely open her eyes.

I didn’t answer and just continued to grin at her like a naughty boy. I opened the lid of the glass container and deep my fingers inside the balm.


She clasped when I slowly inserted my fingers inside her, making sure to reach deeper and touch every corners of her.

“Relax….” I pressed her belly and continued what I was doing.

After seconds, she started to moan in delight.

“Mmmnn…. It … feels… good….”

I chuckled as I continued to apply the salve inside her.

An ointment for rapidly healing the swelling and wounds. Specifically, the tearing of the hymen. It had a wonderful cooling and refreshing feel. I made it develop just for this day.

With my size, she needs all the help she can get.


I positioned myself between her legs.


Laughter vibrated in my chest when her eyes widened, looking at my fingers holding my rigid cock, ready to insert it inside her once more.

She glanced at me with her weak futile resistance.

“The night is still young my love.”


Fin. 🐇

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