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Chapter 9: Advice


. . .


. . .




My eyes narrowed at Zoe, urging her to explain her relationship with Lawrence.


Since this girl was avoiding me, I cornered her in her dorm with Estelas help and dragged her in a restaurant near our school.


U-uhm . . .” Zoe rubbed the back of her head as she shifted her eyes. T-the truth is . . .” She was fidgeting in her seat, looking unsettled.


W-were . . . kind of . . . just friends? she mumbled with reddened cheeks.


Friends?! I asked through the space of my gritted teeth, feeling my veins popping out.


You mean like, friends with benefits? Estela giggled until I shot her a shut up glare.


Zoe fumbled her fingers as she shifted her eyes here and there while she murmured barely audible answers.


W-well . . . we havent exactly talked about it. Im just happy that I got to see him again. I just . . . Im just happy to be near him . . . is all.”


. . .


. . .

I knew I couldnt possibly stay mad at her when she was sporting that kind of helpless, love-struck face.


I saw in her eyes that she genuinely loves Lawrence –– but thats even more the reason that I should tell her whats on my mind.


I took in a mouthful of air and exhaled it slowly out of my mouth.


Zoe, Ill only talk about this to you this time. After this, I wont open this topic again.” I straightened my back and looked at her seriously.


You and Lawrence are both important to me, so thats why I dont want you two to get hurt or regret anything.”


Leanna I––!


My hand shot up, stopping her.


Just hear me out first,” I said, interlocking my fingers on top of the table before I explained.


Zoe, you know Lawrence is just a twelve, soon to be thirteen-year-old kid, right? Even though hes mature for his age, it still doesnt change the fact hes still –– a kid. Do you know what that means?


Zoe flashed a helpless smile. Youre saying that Lawrence is still immature, and if ever we do end up in a relationship, Ill be the one adjusting for him because Im older, right? I get it. Im completely prepared the moment I laid my eyes on him.”


I stared at her with a hard expression.


No, Zoe. Youre wrong.”


Zoes eyes snapped at me as her brows meet in one line.


Did Lawrence ever act immature towards you?I asked.


. . .


. . .


It took a while before she shook her head.


And thats the problem Im talking about, Zoe.”


When the girls tight-knit browse didnt lessen like I was a complicated book she was unable to decipher, I continued.


Zoe, I know Lawrence ever since he was a child. He might have a laid back personality, but he has an enormous sense of responsibility. He believes that hes the next head of the family since hes the second male next to my father.”


I reached for her hand because I knew she was not going to like what I was going to tell her next.


Zoe, I know Lawrence likes you. Believe me . . . I know. But ever since you showed up, hes making you his responsibility because he had taken your virginity. He has this mental notion of taking care of you for the rest of your life.”


I squeezed her hand when tears pooled beneath her eyes.


I knew she also felt it. She just didnt want to admit it.


Zoe, Lawrence has a life ahead of him. Please dont make him feel trap. Thats all Im asking of you . . . But if you two still decided to be together . . . then, I wont be against it. And this will be the last time youll ever hear this from me.”


. . .


. . .


Zoe sniffed before her sobs broke her control, and tears rolled on her cheeks as she attempted to dry them with her hands.


She nodded in silence, and I squeezed her shoulder. Were good then.”



Our head rose and found the blinding beautiful face of Emery Jansen, staring at us in full smile.


Hello,” Estela greeted when Zoe and I froze by her radiant beauty.


May I sit here? Emery inquired with her more than friendly tone.


We nodded without knowing. She had that charm.


Emery sat next to Estela. Her eyes never left mine.


How are you, Leanna? How is your leg? she asked, and I was transported back to reality.


I gave her a timid, Fine.”


. . .


. . .


Actually . . . ,” Emery started, eyes flicking on the table, looking uneasy. Y-Your . . . your brother . . . What does he like?


. . .


. . .




I think I misheard her.




Which brother?! Zoe snarled. Ready to wage war against Emery.


Emerys eyes rocked left and right as she said with a soft voice, Lance.”




Zoes battle stance melted, and she slumped on the couch, looking all bored. Her enthusiasm deflating.


What for? I asked, didnt hide my displeasure because I knew she likes Lance.  


But with a peerless beauty looking at you with big doe-like eyes and shining shimmering face, I found myself drawn to her.


Uhm . . .” She tucked a hair behind her ear, and I never knew a woman who could do it with so much grace as she did.


Im planning to get him a present for his birthday,” she said, cheeks reddening as she smiled.




Thats right! Its Lawrences birthday this Friday!Zoe yelled without a care that we were in a public place.


Now I found myself being stared by two horny felines, pressuring me with their hopeful, eager eyes.


You guys do realize my brothers are only twelve, right?




They said in unison, not one-bit bothered by what I just said.


*sigh . . .


My brothers charms amaze me.

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