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Chapter 8: Curiosity


It had been two days since my parents left and Cain returned to my side. Ever since, like a charm, the nightmares never returned. His presence at night, and the smell of him were all I needed to make me feel safe and protected.


We never talk about the accident. Not because Cain look like he would kill someone every time he glanced at my leg or my injured face nor because I was not curious to know. I kind of already knew who it was and made an overall assumption since the news days ago shook the world.


The Goldwoods donated their entire fortune to charity and contented to live their lives in peace on an unknown island.


What evidence do I still need more than this shocking information?

I was sure it was not as simple as the news portrayed.


I peek at the quiet man beside me who was driving me to school since I couldnt move my right leg at the moment. I knew Cain came from a wealthy and powerful family, but I didnt know that he was this powerful.


Come to think of it . . .


I didnt know much about him.


Were here.”


I froze when he stopped inside Artem University. I didnt notice that we were already at school.


It was my first coming to school again after that incident. Artem already resumed classes a week ago, but since I was still injured at that time (even now), I took a one week leave to recuperate.


Cain unbuckled his seatbelt and got off the car. He walked on the other side and assisted me to my feet. Since my right leg wasnt functioning yet, I was forced to use a crutch to help me move around.


Are you going to be alright?he asked, complete with wrinkled brows.


Cain made sure I could stand without assistance before letting me go.


Yeah. Dont worry.” I laughed a bit.


Ill ride with Estela later,” I said, glancing at Estela just right behind us who had just got out of her car.


Mmm . . .”


. . .


. . .


I better go,” I said, couldnt keep looking at the intensity in his eyes any longer. I took my first step towards my department, but he was quicker, and before I knew it, he was in front of me –– blocking my way.


Oh no––!


Oh yes.


Before I could even open my mouth to plead no, he cupped my face and gave me a passionate kiss for all the world to see as the aquamarine ring on his finger glistened under the morning light.


I couldnt exactly fight back for the reason that I was handicapped. And frankly, I think he loved my current state of helplessness when his tongue lingered in my mouth more than necessary.


Mmpphh . . .” I protested and secretly hit his chest when he was already depriving me of oxygen.


Message me every hour,” he said through breathes.


I restrained rolling my eyes. Ever since that kidnapping incident, he was adamant about keeping me under his watch.


He kissed my forehead, and before I could glare at him, he was already inside his car, and drove off.


I took a quick peek at the stunned audience, their mouth hanging open.


Sis in law, wait up!


I ignored Estela as I tried not to be so conscious by the hostile stares thrown at me.


I dont care about it anymore.

From the time when my parents knew about our relationship, I felt like a bird soaring freely across the sky. So I started to openly wore the ring he gave me, which made the man so happy he glanced at my ring finger every chance he got –– beaming with happiness.


Geez~! For a person whos walking with a crutch, you sure are fast! Estela whined when she finally caught up with me.


Estela . . . ,” I started, a bit hesitant.




Do you know . . . I mean . . . can you give me . . . information about your brother? You know . . . things he likes . . . and dislikes.”


Estela fluttered her eyelids at me as she smiled knowingly. Why dont you ask her yourself?


She was all cute as she pressed her finger on her lips.


I rolled my eyes.


What is the essence of this if I dont know it myself?


I didnt want to ask him. I wanted to surprise him as he did to me. I mean, Cain practically knew everything about me.


My favorite food.


My favorite colors.


My favorite brands.


Down to the last details of what shape I like my nails to be.


I mean . . .


Who does that?


*sigh . . .


Oh~ dont feel so hopeless,” Estela coed, rubbing my back in comfort. Ill tell you one thing that he loves in this whole wide world.”


My face brightened as I stared at her, face full of expectation.


Estela smiled and shyly pointed her finger at me.




. . .


. . .


I wanted to knock her head with my crutch. Maybe thatll make her sane.

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