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Chapter 7: Departure

“Len-Len, don’t forget to apply medicine on your wounds so they won’t permanently damage your skin. And don’t–!”

“Mom, I know. Now give me back little Pluffy.” I extended my hand towards her – eying her big duffle bag.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” My mother pretended and tightened her gripped on the bag.

“Mom, I can hear little Pluffy’s whimpers from that bag.”



My mother clicked her tongue and sighed before she reluctantly gave me the bag. I immediately let out the whimpering furball. Before he could even jump at me – Cain grabbed the little puff of fur, not letting him an inch near me.

Since little Pluffy had gotten a lot bigger and puffier and I was still injured at the moment, I just let the furball whimpered at Cain’s hold as the cold man carried him like a sac tossed over his shoulder.

My mother sighed again looking all longingly at that puff of fur while the twins held their emotions in check.

Our family loves dogs except for my father who loves reptiles. So little Pluffy became the instant sensation at my condo, but that was until the twins found out where he came from.

It was funny on how the twins held their desire for the cute little creature. It was fun watching their sour faces like they had become allergic to their favorite food.

“Mother, don’t worry. I’ll buy you whatever dog you want and deliver it to your home.”

My mother’s face instantly brightened as she jumped towads Cain and hugged him.

“Ah! My son in law is the best. Now, I want a red one and a black one. I also want a new found land and–!”

No! Mom, our climate doesn’t allow furry pets. They’ll just die of heat stroke. We’ll buy you something else. Now let go before you miss your flight.”

My mother reluctantly let go and secretly brushed Cain’s chest with her fingers.

“I saw that.” My father’s warning voice compelled my mother to rushed by my father’s side as she tried to coaxed him.

I shook my head and hugged my mother and father and kissed the twins on both their cheeks.

“Take care of my daughter now, alright?” My father gave Cain a serious nod which the cold man gave a nod in return.

*sigh… If we can only ride that jet. We don’t have to hurry back home.”

At the mention of jet, the twins face became sour again.

Cain wanted my family to ride his private plane back to our country, but the twins strongly refused.

“Sis, take care of yourself, alright? And DON’T trust that demon beside you.” Lance stick out his tongue and looked at Cain with disgust while the cold man just smirked much to Lance annoyance.

“You two be good, alright? Don’t give mother and father many problems.” I raffled the twins’ hair some more before Lance took my hand and looked at me with his large puppy eyes.

“Sis. You really can’t come home to our birthday?”

I guiltily smiled at him. “Sis has been absent from school quite a time now, but I promise to send you your gifts.”

My heart twitched when Lance bit his lips and lowered his head.

Lawrence tapped Lance’s shoulder. “Enough brother. We are big boys now.”

Ahem… Now Cain. I know you and Len-Len are engaged and all that… but no funny business, alright?” My mother walked towards Cain and gently nudged the man.

Cain bent his body when my mother tiptoed and whispered something in his ear. “Be discreet and wait until night time.”

My mother winked at Cain and walked back to where my father was, pretending she didn’t just say something outrageous.

My father immediately countered. “Don’t be silly! At least wait until you’re married… which I hope won’t be long.”

I rolled my eyes at the sight of my parent’s suggestive smiles and winks.

Aren’t my parents concerned at me getting pregnant at all?

Oh right – I forgot.

They wanted grandchildren!

My parents must have so much time in their hands.

Sometimes, I wonder if they had forgotten that I was still a sixteen soon to be a seventeen-year-old teenage girl!


We turned around at that heaving voice of a girl with pink hair running and panting before she stopped in front of Lawrence.

“Thank God I made it in time!” Zoe breathed a mouthful of air before she calmed herself.

“Hello, Mr. And Mrs. Lee!” Zoe saluted to my parents and then focused all her attention on Lawrence.

“Here, I brought you this.” Zoe practically hanged a thick and long muffler around Lawrence’s neck which covered half of my poor brother’s face.

“And this. You know it’s cold in the plane. To keep you warm.” She handed a thick folded comforter to Lawrence and bags of snacks. “And this. So you won’t get hungry.”

Zoe was like one of those mothers sending their elementary kids to school on a winter day.

“Why don’t you give him a pillow and a sleeping mask as well as a Kotatsu while you’re at it.” Lance sneered which made Zoe’s eyes bulged out.

“You’re right! I forgot about the pillows!” She frantically turned her head and was about to dart off towards a store when Lawrence grabbed her arm to stop her.

“You don’t have to…… err… Thank you… for all of this.” Lawrence tried to say while keeping his eyes and nose afloat beneath the muffler.

If not for my cast on my right leg, I would have rushed and wrestled the girl down when she gave Lawrence a tight hug.

“Take care of yourself and don’t forget to call me if you need anything at all and… just… just don’t forget to call me every day.” Zoe released Lawrence, and to my horror, he kissed her on the cheek.

“Mmm… You also take care of yourself.” Lawrence whispered before he went to chase my parents with Lance behind, waving us goodbye.



It had been a while now that my family had already boarded their gate and I was still just staring daggers at the love-stricken girl.

A possessive and protective feeling rose in me as well as unacceptance at the thought that she and Lawrence might be going out.

I wonder if this is what the twins are feeling about Cain and me.

“Zoe… You… TreacherousSnake….” I hissed.

“Um… Ahh…… Sister in law, I’m glad you’re alright. I will see you at school!” She saluted and sprinted off to escape my wrath.

“Zoe, come back here!!”

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