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Chapter 6: Ashes

In an underground facility in an unknown island, ten meters deep from the ground – cries and howls filled the brightly lit room where six people were currently being tortured non-stop.

Their hands and legs with missing nails, shackled against the wall. Their mouth stitched as their eyes were forced open to watched the horror unfolded in front of them. The area between their tights barren as the rotten smell of flesh and nauseating scent of blood mixed with antiseptic engulfed the whole room.

“My wife has nightmares every night because of what you did.”

Cain slowly made its way towards the six men.

The six men all shivered at the menacing demon’s approach. They were trying to say that they didn’t know. That they were just trying to follow orders – but alas! All their tongue had been cut off as their lips were stitched together, their bodies battered and their mental strengths were already exhausted dry. They couldn’t even move their vocal cord to give out a squeak.

“Do you know how that feels? Watching helplessly as the one you love the most is being tormented in their dreams.”


Saber yelped when he felt a jab in his stomach. Cain’s fist borrowed deeper into the helpless man’s flesh, making sure that every organ felt the impact.

“No… You can’t possibly know.” Cain’s eyes were enough to send chills down to their very bones.

“Aargghhh… Mnghhhh… Aargghhh.” Saber forced out the words, yet Cain just twitched his lips and slowly went back to his seat and sat like a King.

“Kill you? That would be a swift death now, is it?” Cain tilted his head as he supported it with his slender fingers while crossing his legs.

“I want you to feel, thousand times fold of what my wife – of what I’m feeling… then maybe… just maybe, it can appease me.”

Cain waved his hand, and a group of black suit men barged in – dragging a bunch of women, men and children even older ones and babies were not spared. Their hands all tied.




The six men all wanted to rip out their hands, their eyes water as their howls were getting louder, not minding that blade cut wound in their throat.

The women screamed as the children cried.

“It’s good to know that you recognize them. Some may not be related to you and have the unfortunate luck to have your last names.”

Cain tapped his finger as he lazily stared at the bunch of people in front of him.

“They are the last of your bloodline. Say your final goodbyes.”

“Young Master, what should we do with the bodies?”

Cain stared at the corpses.

The women were thoroughly naked battered black and blue. The men were all missing limbs and the children and babies were nowhere to be found – even the bones turned animal fodder.

He glanced up at the six lifeless men on the wall.

“Burn their bodies.”

He stood up, but before he completely went out of the room, he paused and said with a dead voice.

“Patched their wounds. I don’t want them to die just yet. After that, administer ‘dream eater’.” Then he went out.

Dream eater, a drug that attacks the brain and makes you fall asleep in an eternity of nightmares.

“You heard Young Master. Get to it.” Russell took another glanced at the six men without a bit of pity nor emotion on his face. Then he strode off to his Young Master’s side.

“Young Master.” Cedrick, Cain’s secretary, bowed and opened the door into a room similar to that brightly lit room just beside it.

Cain went inside, ignoring everyone except the two elders who were leisurely sipping tea, watching a full wall length screen while a bunch of people was lined and gagged – shackled on the other side of the wall.

“Ah… Cain. It’s nice to see you again. You never visit me, you ungrateful child.” The elder woman stood up from her seat and kissed Cain on the cheek.

“It’s good to see you again grandmother and… grandfather…” Cain said with all respect as he bowed his head towards them.

“Sit my boy! We brought you a present!” The elder man tapped Cain’s shoulder when Cain bent his body and kissed his grandfather’s ring. A family heirloom passed down to generations of Fay’s before he sat between the two elder people.

Cain glanced up at the screen which showed a bunch of corpses and six men chained on the walls. Then he stared at the line of people in front of him.


“Hmm… It seems like elder Goldwood will like to say something~.” The elder woman said while the elder man put down his cup and tapped a napkin on his mouth.

“Ungag him!”

A line of black suit men immediately followed the elder man’s command.

“Y-you… h-have… Ho-li… s-spare… rest…” The elder Goldwood tried to say even with all his teeth pulled out.

Holley’s eyes widened as she desperately shifted her swelling head towards her grandfather. Her face full of tears while her mother Evelyn also tried to break free, her constant howls and cries cringed the ears.

“Well, that won’t do~. It’s been our philosophy to cut down the roots of our enemy. You know… just to be safe~.” The elder woman smiled like it was a close friend that she was talking to.

“Won’t… r-revenge…” The elder Goldwood spat out the words with his blood and saliva.


The loud thump of a cane silenced everyone as the powerful elder man sneered.

“Enough of this chit-chat!” Then he looked adoringly at his grandson, very different from the way he acted from the rest.

“Cain, my boy. This is our present to you. You can do whatever you want with them.”



Cain closed his eyes.

“I’ve given your granddaughter leniency when she spread rumors and brought harm to my wife… but this time, she actually dared to kill my Leanna.” He opened his eyes with deep bone hatred, staring at the pretty – now battered Holley Goldwood.

“That will cause you your blood. Your entire generation. Your lineage. Your wealth. Your fortune.” He raised his hand.

“You can slowly kill the rest… except for Holley Goldwood.”

The black suit men gagged the elderly Goldwood and began their assault.

“Cain, when will you introduce us to your wife to be~?” His grandmother squeezed his hand.

“Cain, my boy. If you want to marry her, then… don’t put her in the dark… You have to tell her the future in marrying in our family.” His grandfather tapped his shoulder while he remained expressionless.

“Don’t worry, grandfather, grandmother… I’ll introduce her to you one of this days.”

“Splendid~!” His grandmother clasped her hand and then leisurely drunk her tea. “Now, enough about that and tell us what you’ve been up to, forgetting to visit your grandmother like that.”

They continued their idle chatter while watching a group of people being tortured in front of them as if they were just watching their everyday show.

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