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Chapter 5: Warm Up

Lawrence woke up in the early morning when he felt the mattress sunk.

He was not really in a deep sleep. He was half awake ever since his sister woke up – again, by nightmares.

He wanted to ask and comfort her, but he felt that she didn’t want that.

He knew that his sister would only feel guilty because she didn’t want anyone to worry about her.

That’s just how she is.

She didn’t want to trouble anyone.

When his sister got up, he knew where she went and who was the man she seeks refuge.

He felt pain and frustrated that he couldn’t do anything to help his sister. He wanted to grow up quickly so he could support his sister like this demon could.

He fixated his eyes on the movement of the man. One wrong move and he promise; he would kick that demon back to hell.

The demon covered his sister with a blanket. Then the devil tucked her hair behind her ear as the man stared at her some more.

At that moment, even though the demon’s eyes were scary because it glowed under the dim lit room – Lawrence couldn’t help but wonder.

So demons love too?

Lawrence’s eyes widened and was snapped out from his thoughts when the demon kissed his sister’s lips and then her nose and then her forehead.

He tightly clenched his hands under the blanket.

This asshole! No one molested my sister like that and gets away with it!

He was about to get up and jump at the man to wrestle him down, but the man turned around, exposing the red marks on his shirt.

Abruptly, at the sight of it, Lawrence now noticed that lingering faint smell of blood. Then it was gone the moment the devil quietly left the room.



Did his wounds re-opened because he carried my sister all the way here?

His eyes fell on the now sleeping girl with a peaceful smile on her lips.



That man really is a demon.

I’m also getting brainwashed by him!

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