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Chapter 4: Nightmares


Sis, here . . . I got this for you.”


Lance handed me a dream catcher. Its said it helps in blocking nightmares.”


I beamed and ruffled his hair. Thank you.”


I hanged the dream catcher on my bedpost and tucked myself on the bed in a comfortable position.


Sis, this incense will help you to have a peaceful sleep.”


Lawrence plugged an incense burner, and the soothing, relaxing smell of different herbs filled the air.


I almost sobbed on how love I felt.

Thank you, my angels,” I huffed a laugh to hid the choking of my voice. Now, come on up and lets go to sleep.” I tapped the mattress and motioned them to join me.


Since they came, they were taking every opportunity to sleep beside me, so they knew all about my nightmares at night. But luckily, this pair of brothers of mine just thought that I watched something scary again. I told them to keep my nightmares a secret from mom and dad since I didnt want them to worry about me.


I kissed their forehead and dimmed the lights, but I didnt close my eyes no matter how sleepy I was. I just couldnt, with all those nightmares of me raped and killed by those men.


Is this going to continue forever?


I closed my eyes tight at the realization that I might need to visit a psychiatrist if this goes on.


Sis . . .”


The throaty and hesitant voice of Lawrence made me turned my head to him.


Mmm . . . ? I urged when Lawrence didnt continue.


Well . . . Im just curious . . . Why is that . . . Demon had a gruesome wound on his back?


This was the first time that Lawrence showed interest in Cain even though it was because of his wounds.


I smiled and licked my lips.


Lawrence, I dont know any demon youre talking about.”


Y-you know . . . T-that man . . .”


What man? There are plenty of man I know.”


Sis, come on! You know who Im talking about.”


My lips kicked up into a smirk when I imagined Lawrences pouting face. The name, Lawrence. Its not that hard to say his name.”


. . .


. . .


C-Cain . . .”


I smiled in triumph and decided not to tease him anymore when his voice turned all shaky like he was on the verge of crying.


All you have to know is . . . Cain has those wounds because of me. He risked his life to save me.”


. . .


Lance sneered. “Hmp! Im sure it was his fault in the first place.”


I forced a smile. Regardless . . . Im alive because of him.”




Lance turned his body, his back facing me while Lawrence didnt say anything more.


After a period of time, my eyelids grew heavy. The countless sleepless nights were taking its toll on me. Even I didnt want to –– my consciousness drifted into my constant nightmare.


I was passed to different men while their maniacal laughter boomed. They shoved me from one man to the next until they ripped my clothes and––



My body jerked, and I sat on the bed. My clothes dumped as well as my skin while my hair was a mess.


*pant . . .


*pant . . .


I stabilized my breathing to no such luck. The mental strain and physical exhaustion were draining me. I was afraid any more nights like this, and I would lose my sanity!


Weakness was creeping through my nerves, waiting for me to lose grip of the first tear.


But not here.


I must not cry here.


Cain . . .


I slid into my wheelchair and went out of my room as quiet as I could. I made my way in the hallway while all the while, feeling lost –– all alone and scared.


Cain . . .


The elevator dinged, and the man who silenced all my fears welcomed me the moment the elevator door opened. Tears of countless sleepless nights fell at the sight of his worried face.


I extended my arms towards him and choked his name, Cain.”


With quick long strides, I was in his arms. He held me tight, and I burrowed my face into the warmth of his chest as my arms wrapped around his neck. Wanting to pressed our bodies together.


With me in his arms, he sauntered into his room. He then sat on the bed and placed me on his lap before he gently rocked me to sleep as he ran his fingers through my hair.


Shhh . . . Im here . . . Its alright now.”


His gentle voice melted the lump in my throat, and cries escaped my mouth. His shirt was wet with my tears as I cried his name over and over. My body clung to his in desperate need of his protection –– feeling his warmth and inhaling his scent.


Its alright now, my love . . . No one will hurt you from now on . . .”


His gentle and soothing voice calmed my anxious heart.


His warmth and scent silenced all my fears.


Not long after, I fell asleep in his embrace with tears in my eyes.


Only this man made me feel safe and protected.


At this moment, I could no longer live without him.

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