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Chapter 30: Special Day 💗


Inside the entrance of our ranch, I was transported in a different world entirely that I had to re-enter to make sure that I was in the right lot.


There were hanging roses and lanterns on every tree, and at the path inside leading to our villa, there was an enchanting blur of white –– like a cave.

I tailed the laid out bundled of white roses, thinking along the way on how many roses were plucked for this day. I couldnt fathom on how did Cain plan out all of this.


When did he even arranged it?


The blur of white was getting closer now, and a gasp escaped my lips when Id gotten a clear view of it.


It was like an entrance you see in those fairy tales. Flowers hanging down from trees made me feel like it was raining snow. Soft white petals carpeted the ground where blossoms and lights were positioned at the sides and background music in soothing symphony complete the whole appeal.


It was magical . . .

I continued following the path laid out for me, and when I reached a turn where I almost see the end –– I lost it.

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I cried when my eyes found his.


There he was in his all-white tuxedo, dashing and handsome in all his glory bathe under the warm rays of the sun. His frosty eyes thawed and flashes of emotions glinting fast –– so fast I couldnt catch up. Happiness. Love. Adoration. Joy. Contentment.


His usual cold, expressionless face was warm, holding a smile.


I didnt know what happened next. Everything was a blur as I tried desperately to see beyond the tears.


Everything was in slow motion. Before I knew what was happening, my father was already guiding me towards him.


Along the way, there were people present –– people who are important to me and love.


My family, who couldnt stop the tears from their eyes.


My mother, who howled like a madwoman.


The twins who also have tears in their eyes –– for a whole different reason.


Zhane with his usual boyish grin together with Clyde and Fin.


Vic and Michael, their eyes beaming, yet held an I couldnt believe you kind of face.


Uncle Luke, with his usual intimidating self whose lips hooked upwards in a smile. His eyes even glistened with tears.


Eva Hart, with her usual, ever-changing stylish hair, looking all proud and smug with a silly grin on her face.


Zoe, who was waving at me like crazy. She seemed to be laughing, crying, and shouting at the same time. But I was too overwhelmed to even understand what she was saying.


Estela, who like me, was also crying non-stop as she tried desperately to take every shot, every angle she could muster while Zhander had a wry smile on his lips, trying to calm his girlfriend down.


My in-laws with Hynes and Lily Fay were embracing each other. Their mouth moving, uttering the words thank you and other words I could no longer decipher.


I blinked my tears, and when my eyes regained its clearness, I was in front of him –– holding his hand.


My father kissed my forehead and squeezed Cains shoulder, and with a flushed face and reddened eyes –– he went to my mothers side.


And now, there was a man dress in all white in front of us, saying things that didnt make any sense to me.


“. . .na . . .”


Le . . . na . . .”




Cain squeezed my hand, and I was pulled back from the trance.


Are you alright?


I seemed to be dreaming,” I said in a daze.


He chuckled.


Youre not dreaming, my love.” He rubbed his thumb on my palm. Were really getting married.”


. . .


. . .


How is that possible? Im still a minor,” I mumbled, confused from all of this.


Well, the truth is . . . I wanted to wait for you. Wanted to show you my world bit by bit . . . But that incident had to happen. And when you still stayed with me –– all restrains disappeared,” he said, just for me to hear while the person in white continued to chant words I dont understand.


It still didnt answer my question.” I squeezed back his hand as my eyes didnt leave his.


Leanna, there are plenty of ways to get married even when youre not of legal age. All I had to do was pull some strings, then have your parents signed some papers. And thats it.” He winked at me with a boyish grin on his lips, and I bit back a smile with a blushing face.


I took a quick glance at my parents, and like they knew what we were talking about –– they flashed some papers in their hands with their silly grin.


I laughed. Youre incorrigibly outrageous.”


Yet, you still love me nevertheless.”

The music changed, and the people cheered, making me turned around.


Aaawwww . . .


Little Pluffy, with our three other dogs behind him, complete with vest, shoes, and bow tie, trotted on the carpet of white rose petals with a tiny basket, which I presume held our rings, in his mouth.


Oh my god! Sooo cute!


I squealed and petted the little puff of fur while our other dogs set off to my mothers side when they saw her. While little Pluffy sat like a good obedient little pup behind us –– wagging his tail.




Cain was holding my hand, and my sobs racked my shoulders –– like uncontrollably.


His whole person radiated warmth. His once frosty eyes were smiling. His once cold, expressionless face now gone, replaced by many emotions of love.


Leanna, since the moment I met you, I felt my soul loved you since the beginning of everything. In your eyes, I found heaven. In your lips, I found happiness. In your soul, I found peace. In your heart, I found love. With you, I am home . . . and with this ring, I give you my heart, body, and soul. I vow from this day forth, I will love you no matter what we go through, come thunder, hail, or snow. Rich or Poor, I wont ever let you go. Even if the world turns cruel, the rivers run dry, the earth burned scorched. I guarantee youll always have me, each day, each month, each year. Even if distance will separate us. Time will drift us. Death will end us. I will, until the end of time, forever continue to love loving you.”


My tears were unending as my sobs seemed endless, but my smile never disappeared from my lips.


I hit his chest with my feeble strength. Youve prepared *sob . . . your lines *sob . . . This is so *hiccup . . . sudden to me. Youre unfair.”


Cain tilted his head to the side as his lips kicked in a coy grin.


Just say youll love me forever.”


I stared into his eyes, laced in mischief challenge. I sniffled and calm myself, not backing at his dare.


I held his hand, and all thoughts were replaced by words from the bottom of my heart as I looked into the beauty that was his eyes.


Cain, the moment I met you, I wanted to run away.”


Symphonies of laughter and giggling lifted the area, but my mind was only full of him and nothing more.


In your eyes, I found coldness. In your voice, I found fear. In your actions, I found indifference. In your soul, I found loneliness. In your heart, I found cruelty . . . Yet, your every stare made me warm. With every vibration of your voice filled me with courage. With your touch, I feel love. In your embrace, I feel safe. With every beat of your heart, I feel peace. Every second, every minute, every hour, you made me happy. With you, I found parts of me that I didnt even know existed. In you, I found a love I no longer believe was real . . . And with this ring, I give you my heart, my body, and soul. Even though Im unsure of the future, and whats about to come . . . Im certain that I love you, and I will continue to love you. Beyond eternity. Across reincarnations. Until the end of time.”

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