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Chapter 3: Wounds

It had been a week since I left the hospital. It was a good thing that it was still summer break. I had a week of recuperating.

My family stayed with me in my condo, so I secretly forced Cain to go back to his penthouse – temporarily at least until my parents went back to our country.

Currently, at eight in the evening, I was here at Cain’s penthouse to help him clean his wounds and, of course, my little two cute bodyguards followed me around, not wanting me out of their sight.

Whenever I saw Cain’s wounds, a painful waved of nausea attacked me, and my eyes began to feel salty.

The three deep slashes on his back where now stitched closed and a mixture of black, red and purple colors were evident in contrast with his pale skin.

And every time I patched him up, the twins would cringe on their seat as they shifted their head’s away from the gruesome sight.

“You don’t have to do this every day. I can have Russ–!”

“No. Let me do this for you.” I cut Cain off, and with my trembling hands, began to gently, carefully tapped the medicine on his back.

It was like I was the one experiencing his pain. My heart felt like it was being pricked by meddles every time the cotton balls landed on his wounds.

Cain, like always, would just sit still like an unfeeling robot

Sometimes, I wondered if his immune to pain.

I also noticed that he had a lot of scars. Not noticeable at first due to his pale skin, but if you looked carefully, there were tiny scars all over his body.


After a while, I carefully and neatly wrapped the gauze and bandages on his wounds.

Cain put on his shirt and faced me with a warm smile.

“Are you…. sleeping well?” He caressed the bags under my eyes. His gaze was frosty with an unnoticeable concern in them.

Honestly, ever since that kidnapping a week ago, I couldn’t sleep at night because of those nightmares. I guessed the traumatic experience still haunted me even in my dreams. It had gotten worse every middle of the night that I didn’t sleep altogether just to avoid those nightmarish dreams.

But of course, I couldn’t tell him that.

I didn’t want him to worry about me anymore.

“Mm… I’m fine… Just being up every night watching movies.”

I knew he knew that I was lying, but he never pressed the issue and just nodded his head.

“Sis, let’s go! You already finished what you came here to do.” Lance got up from his seat and stared at us impatiently.


Cain and I hadn’t been sleeping together since my family came. We hadn’t been together much either since I was accompanying my parents wherever they explore New Haven, and Cain was busy with his own affairs.

Thus, I wanted to be with him much longer, but the murderous glares that my brothers gave him made me feel uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. Go and get some rest.”

Cain stood up and grabbed my wheelchair as we made our way towards the elevator.

“I’ll take that.”

Lance scooted over Cain, and oddly enough, the cold man just let him took over my wheelchair –  every time.

Every time that the twins would make rude remarks and gestures towards him, he wouldn’t retort back and would just suppressed his dark energy.

Sometimes, I felt like if it wasn’t because I was the twins’ sister, they would be long gone from this world by now.

We were already inside the elevator car and was about to close the elevator door when Cain held the door and bent his body to kiss my lips which stunned the twins in horror.

“Good night.”

“Mmmm… Good night.”

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