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Chapter 29: Birthday

I woke up when something familiar tickled my nose. It was a smell that would remind you of something old and vintage, yet remained classy throughout the years.

I got up and did my usual stretched of hands and yawn.

Still a bit sleepy, I glanced to my side to find the twins gone.

I squinted my eyes since I saw something like what I saw in my dreams and illusions.

I rubbed my eyes and blinked several times, maybe it was just the dirt or morning glory – but no.

It is still there.

Thousands and thousands of white rose petals that formed like soft clouds were scattered all over my bedroom.

W-what is this?

Then my eyes caught a glistening red card with intricately written letters on it in silver ink.

[ Someone I love was born today.

Let me be the first to greet you a joyous birthday.

To start your day – I’ve prepared a bath for you.

– Cain ]

I giggled.

Now that made my whole day!

I hopped towards the bathroom, and true enough, the bathroom was also filled with scattered white roses, and the bathtub was full of steamy warm water. The whole room was overflowing with the soothing smell of lemon and honey that I love so much.

Without much thought, I undressed and splashed towards the tub and lingered for thirty minutes before I thoroughly scrubbed and wash myself clean.

After the refreshing bath, I put on my robe and went to my walk-in closet only to be surprised again when a beautiful chic dress stumbled my view.

I grabbed the sticky note on the dress and smiled when I read it.

[ A beautiful dress for a lovely lady. ]

I grinned as I slowly shook my head.

Where on earth did he get the time to do all of this?

I mean, we had been together all throughout of yesterday.

I caressed the dress, being careful not to damage it, as if it was a fragile treasure.

“It’s so beautiful,” I mumbled.

Unhurriedly, like I have all the time in the world, I carefully slid inside the dress, and it was amazing on how it fits so perfectly.

I was mesmerized when I checked myself in my full-length mirror.

The dress brought out the best in me.

I slowly walked towards the dresser when a black velvet box presented itself before me, waiting to be opened.

Inside, I held my breathe when a hair clip with intricate beautiful jewels arranged in flowers glistened before my eyes.

[ My love,

I wanted to do your hair for you

– but that would spoil the surprise. ]

I giggled.

I couldn’t seem to stop myself from giggling as I arranged my hair in an updo braid and carefully slid the hair clip.

When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe that the girl was me.

She was more than beautiful – she was enchanting.

The hairclip together with the hairstyle matched perfectly well with the dress.

I puffed myself with a little light makeup to finish the whole look.

More than satisfied, like I was floating, went out of my room, feeling all excited of what Cain’s about to do next.

That man always never fails to surprise me.

There were no longer notes, but it wasn’t hard to follow the clues when patches of white rose petals were basically laid on the ground, forming a pathway for all the world to see.

I followed it, not minding that our house seemed to be empty, not a soul could be seen, and not a sound could be heard. I got curious when the rose petals stretched all the way across the road to our ranch.

I just shrugged my shoulders and continued to follow it.

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