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Chapter 28: Our Moment


Hey, whats wrong?


I nudged Cain and look over to meet his gaze.


Cain shook his head a little. Nothing . . . I . . .” He paused for a long time before he sighed. You have a loving family.”


I huffed a laugh and snuggled myself against his warm, cozy embrace.


Well, they arent perfect, but you cant have everything in this world.”


Cain rubbed my back, eyes on the horizon. His other arm was resting on the back of his head while he rocked us on the cozy hammock under the light of a million stars.

Are you . . .” He took a deep breath. Okay with me?


There was a scowl on my face as I tried to capture his elusive eyes.


Mr. Fay, if I remember correctly, you were the one who kept on pushing yourself on me and said never to let me go.”


Yes . . . but . . .”


This was a first. He seemed to be struggling and indecisive for once.


He sighed again, more massive than the last. You have a normal loving family. Youre free, and unrestrained until I . . .”


I cupped his cheeks and steadied his gaze when his voice turned all horse. His face bathed in shame and guilt.


Enough. Dont you dare back out on me now. After you made me fall in love with you and all.” My eyes squinted, trying my best to look angry.


Cain held my cheek as he met my gaze.


Im not . . . I . . . I feel guilty in trapping you like this. Im not . . . my family is––!


I pressed my fingers on his lips.


I know.”


My arms circled his neck, and I pushed my body against him, my face resting on his chest.


Whatever the future is, I cant imagine it anymore without you in it. Im still scared about it and anxious about what I might find out. But one thing is for sure, no matter what it is, no matter how evil or twisted or perverted you are, or no matter how dark your family secrets are . . . I know you wont ever hurt me. And is all the truth I need to know.”


. . .


. . .


Cains hand tightened on my back as he pressed his lips on my hair.


I wont ever make you regret your decision.”


He said it slow and spoke it with finality.


I look into his eyes, which seemed to be melting, softening his entire expression.


I love you.”


I love you more.”


Cain held my nape and guided my lips to his.




Sis! Where are you?!


I laughed when he grunted.


I swear; theyre doing it on purpose,” he hissed.


I giggled and stood to my feet.


Come on. Lets go back.”


I reached for his hand, and we made our way home.

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