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Chapter 25: No Remorse

In our dining room where my mother’s angry voice was the only thing that echoed – I played with my food, not an ounce of regret or remorse on my face.

My mother was prattling. My father was eating with a stoic face. The twins do what they usually do – hoping to murder Cain with their eyes while the cold man just continued to serve me food with a smirk on his face and amusement in his eyes while I pretended to be oblivious to all of this.

“Plastic surgery for the scars on the face and broken nose. Seven teeth implantation. A therapist for the dislocated jaw and shoulder. Surgical procedures for the two broken ribs and other hospital bills and medications. Totaling for more than a million. Not to mention that the family will charge us in court. Well. Aren’t you going to say something to your daughter, Leon?” My mother narrated with fuming nostrils as she tried to condemn me with her glares.

My father finished chewing his food, then he looked sternly at me with a proud glint in his eyes. “You did well, Leanna.”

My mother nudged my father with angry eyes.

“I mean. Bad girl.” Then my father resumed eating as if nothing happened.

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say?” My mother wanted to pull her hairs out in frustration.

I knew she was not really angry at me. She was just upset that I broke her favorite vase and that the plans for the school extension were now entirely in shambles.

“The man is alive, fortunately for him. If I was there, he would be in the morgue by now.” My father nonchalantly said making my mother infuriate more in rage.

I knew that my father was also angry, not at me, but at Tristan. My mother’s office had hidden cameras, and it showed that it was Tristan who tried to assault me first. But of course, even if it was just self-defense – which I know it’s not – I still went overboard. So Tristan wanted to pressed charges as well as Cristy’s parents which I didn’t really care.

At most, I would just pay them and be done and over with it since I was still a minor. At worst, a month’s community service and a bad record.

Sensing that my mother couldn’t have her way with her husband, she turned towards Cain.

“Son, can you talk some sense into her? She just turned violent and punched everyone, and she’s not even sorry at all.”

Instead of taking a side, Cain resolved the whole issue with just his words.

“Mother, I’ve shipped a new vase for you to replace the one you’ve lost. I’ve also contacted ARAB to do the whole school, they’ll be here by tomorrow and will stay here until the construction is finish. Regarding the hospital bills, medications and other charges, I’ve already taken care of it, so you don’t have to worry a single thing.”

My mother blinked, then she flashed a relieve smile.

“Oh. As expected of my son.” Then she wrinkled her nose. “I never like that Clark kid anyway.” Then she smiled at me – it was a smile that she gave me the first time she knew that I had won the lottery. “You did well Len-Len.”



Right now, I was secretly praying that I wouldn’t get my mother’s bi-polar personality.


Cain just shook his head.

“Then why are you grinning at me like an idiot since dinner?”

I put a lot of pressure on drying his hair when he just chuckled. Although I couldn’t see his face, I knew that he was been grinning the whole time like an idiot.

I was currently in his room. He just finished taking a bath when I came. Thus, I lend a hand and help him dry his hair. He was sitting on the bed, facing me while I was between his legs, standing as I ruffled his hair with a towel.

He grabbed my hands, halting my movements as he raised his head to meet my eyes.

“Am I going to be a battered husband?” He teased which I just raised an eyebrow in response.

“You will be if you cheat on me,” I said playfully, yet with a warning tone.

He released my hands and hugged my waist, his face resting on my belly.


“You better because if not… I’ll cut it off.”

He chuckled. “So violent.”

I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair.

“Mmm… That feels good…”

He raised his face from my belly.

I gulped when he looked at me with so much intensity.

“Why don’t you sleep here with me toni–”


“Sis! Come out! Let’s go to sleep!”

I glanced at the door, then I look at the now annoyed man staring intently at the door like he wanted to rip apart the person on the other side of it.

“They’re not doing it on purpose.” I tried to appease him to no avail.

“You think? It’s been going on for days now.”

I laughed when he pouted.

This was the first time that I ever saw him pout.

I cupped his cheek with one hand and bent my body to kiss him good night. Then I teasingly trailed my lips to his earlobe while my naughty hand squeezed his bulging cock.

He was completely caught off guard, and before he could even recover, I shoved him to the bed and dashed towards the door.

“Come back here, Leanna!”

I giggled nonstop as I ran towards my room with my two little bodyguards following behind.

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