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Chapter 24: Refresh


Not interested.”


Instead of taking offense, Tristan leaned even closer with a confident smirk. Is it because of your fiancé? Hes nothing to boast about except for his pretty face.”


I think something snapped, a thread holding something inside me.


That nagging feeling.


I flashed him my sweetest smile as my hand caressed his cheek, which made his smile grew wider.


You cant even be compared to a single strand of Cains hair.” I pinched his cheek and stood up to leave before I punch the daylights out of him.

But before I could even turn the handle of the door, he grabbed my wrist and pinned me against the wall.


Let go of me.”


To all oddity, my voice was calm.


Tristan leaned closer, and our faces were inches apart. I didnt avert my gaze from his. Challenging him to continue. He caressed my cheek as I glared at him.


I totally understand why you dont want to break up with him. Hes a waste with a pretty face like that. How about we keep this a secret to ourselves? Think about it. Im a nice catch. You can have the best of both worlds,” he said with a coy smile on his face as his thumb pressed my lips.


The nerve of this man!


You want me to cheat like what youve been doing your entire life?


Tristan was surprised, but only for a moment before he lazily grinned.


Not cheat, Hon. All Im doing is giving love to all the women out there. Im actually doing you all a service.”


Let me go. I dont want to be associated with a pig like you.” I sneered, which made him smirked even more.


Pig? Then all men are pigs. Do you believe your fiancé is not the same? He continued when he saw my face twitched, With a face like that, Im sure he has his fair share of women left and right.”


Dont associate Cain with the likes of you.”


Hes a man, my dear. Once hes gotten bored with you, hell find something new.”


Yes, thats what I think so too in the past.


You made me think that way.


You made me into a girl who despised the words love and forever.


You made me hate myself for being naive to fall in love with you.


You made me disgusted at myself for sleeping with you.


You made me lose my confidence as a woman, as a person.


You made me feel scared to fall in love again.


Youve broken me.


The last thread snapped, and all that nagging feeling burst out.


Now I know why fate has brought you to me,” I whispered.


He stopped kissing my neck and raised his head. His expression was dopey as his smile.


Is it to love you? He grinned.


And I grinned back.


No –– its to take my revenge!


My head smashed straight on his nose.




All the violent cells in my body cheered. My blood boiled. My heart was thumping with excitement as adrenaline rushed all over my system.


That nagging feeling was this! Cain had been right!


All of me wanted to take revenge!


My heart screamed for me to take justice for it.


My soul howled for me to extract retribution for its peace!



He recoiled, holding his bloody nose. I didnt give him time to recover and kneed his stomach, which he yelped in pain.


Son of a bi––!


A kick connected to his jaw, and he stumbled on a vase, crushing it to pieces.


He was fuming with anger now as his bloody face contorted in an ugly roar.


You slut!


He sprinted towards my direction and flexed his arm to punch me when I sidestep, grabbed his arm, kicked his feet, and threw him on the table.




I think me learning self-defense was for this exact day!


He was groaning in pain as he tried to get up, but I was not about to let him. I grabbed his hair while he was still in a daze and used all my strength and drag him on the pantry and banged his head on the countertop.




A roar burst from my mouth as I kept banging his face on the cabinet before I tossed him on the broken table with the glass shards scattered all over the floor.




The glass table was now completely broken with him lying on it with his face on the ground.




Another roar shot through my throat while my brain kept on cheering –– beat him! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him!


I straddled his back and grabbed his hair and banged it on the scattered glass and pressed it there –– hard.




My mothers horrid voice snapped me out of my violent state, and my eyes slid to Cristy, shaking behind her.


There you are my conniving two face slutty whore of an ex-best friend.


Cristys eyes bulged out like she was seeing a cracked girl with bloodstained hands creepily smiling at her, unblinking.


Before she could even utter no,’ my fist hit her hard on her nose accompanied by a crunching sound of her broken bone.




With my ragged breathing and panting breathes, I swept my gaze around the once elegant modern room, which turned into something like a group of thieves had ransacked everything.


My eyes stared at the bloody limp body of a man who was battered black and blue. His face couldnt even be recognized. My attention then flicked on the girl who was now on the floor with one hand on her bloody nose while her other hand was raised in the air as she crawled away from me, crying.


I breathed a mouthful of air and exhaled it slowly through my mouth, not minding one bit of my mothers frantic shouts.


I tell you.


I never felt refresh like this in my entire life.

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