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Chapter 23: Never Again

“Mr. Clark.”

I didn’t want to say even a letter to him, but my feelings could wait as my impatience for correcting the plans took high priority.

My perfectionist side acted up in full gears, unable to stop.

Tristan’s face brightened at my mention of his name until I barraged him with complaints.

“Why are there so many mistakes in the planning of spaces?”

I knew that the Clark Construction Corporation was never on the architectural side, they were more on the engineering building side, but this was not an excuse to draw this brainless plans.

“Why aren’t there any material recovery facilities? May I remind you that this is a culinary school. Where will we put the waste? There should be a compost facility to convert waste into fertilizers. The loading dock for the ingredients should be place on the back of the house. The public spaces are mixed with the private areas. The whole plan is all jumbled up and poorly defined. I want this whole plan redrawn, and please make sure that the one who is planning this is an expert in designing schools and restaurants or any culinary school for that matter.” I couldn’t even take another look at the poor of an excuse sheet of architectural plans.

I was too engrossed in regressing to my past old, terror of an architect self that it was too late to take it all back when Tristan – now had an annoyed bewildered face, and Cristy looked at me with squinty eyes while my mother just raised her eyebrow.

“Uhmm…. that is…. my opinion only…. of course.” I tried to salvaged myself.

After a while, Tristan cleared his throat, trying to laughed off his embarrassment.

“Wow, Mrs. Lee. If I don’t know any better. I think that your daughter is secretly taking up architecture behind your back.”

I just drank a glass of water at his remarked, hoping to flushed that uncomfortable feeling out of my system.

Tristan coolly checked his watch, then he looked at Cristy.

“Mrs. Lee, I’m sorry to ask, but can you take Cristy back with you to the site, and take her to roam around your school? I want to have pictures, not just the site, but the entire area as well. Can you also accompany her to take pictures of the rooms and the facilities of the existing school while Leanna and I discuss the plans?” He said smoothly.

Before I could even protest, my mother stood up and dragged the unwilling Cristy to her feet.

Cristy didn’t like the site, she didn’t want her boots to be dirtied and her flawless skin to be exposed to dust.

“Alright. Len-Len, will be right back. I’ll trust you with the plans. I hope that by the end of the day we can come up with an agreement with this.” My mother’s oblivious voice snapped me to stare at her with a ‘no’ plastered on my face, but my mother just ignored me and walked out together with the unwilling girl. Cristy even took a pleading glanced at Tristan before she completely disappeared.

I tried to hold myself as every violent cell in my body acted up in excitement being alone with this man.

I brushed it off and pretended to focus on the concepts of the new school.

“Mr. Clark, the new school doesn’t blend with the existing. I want you to adopt the existing so the school will look like one. Not making it obvious that it was just placed there. Make it look like it was planned together with the old one. Take note also the orientation. Change the location of the freezers and the storage room as it faces on the hottest side and–!!”

I stopped when out of the blue, I felt a familiar hand on top of mine.

I immediately slapped it off.

“What are you doing?” I snapped at him.

Tristan just smiled as he stood up and sat beside me – leaning in closer.

“Leanna, we’ll redraw the concepts and the plans, incorporating all that you wish… so how about we talk something else…” He said all husky that I cringed so much. I have to literary crossed my arms so it wouldn’t fly on his disgusting face.

I scooted over to put distance between us.

“I don’t want to discuss anything but this plans.” I was surprised that my voice came out all calm.

“Don’t be like that. Why don’t we talk about you? About your fiancé?”

My face snapped at him, looking all warningly.

Tristan raised his hands in a defensive stance.

“Whoa! You don’t have to be like that.” He chuckled before he added. “You’re a smart girl Leanna and quite pretty.”

The way he said my name made my heart thump violently. Not in a romantic kind of way, but in an excited murderous kind of way.

Tristan flashed a coy smile as he licked his lips while he slowly roamed his lustful eyes on my body.

“I’ll be honest with you. I’m quite beholden with you the moment we first met. I don’t know why, but I want you mine.”

He probably told every young girl that line. Trying to enticed them with his sweet possessive words, and coupled by that handsome face of his – who wouldn’t fall for his charms when he practically made you feel that you were the only girl in his eyes?

I knew I did in my past life.

But never again.

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