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Chapter 22: Plans

We survived the whole lunch with only my mother and Tristan talking.

After lunch, I immediately excused myself to go to my room, but my mother stopped me in my tracks.

“Len-Len, come with us to the site and look at the plans and give me your opinions. You know you’re good with these kinds of things.”

I cursed.

Doesn’t my mother get that I don’t like that man and don’t want to be near him – at all.

“Your daughter is an architect too?” Tristan didn’t hide his interest in me which warrant a frown from the pretty man beside me and murderous glares from the twins.

“No, Len-Len is a very artistic kid. She’s quite amazing and have good tastes when it comes to arts.” My mother continued to brag – utterly oblivious to my warning glares.

“That’s good then. Another point of view will be helpful.” Tristan was all smiles now. His gaze didn’t leave mine.

“Sis, we’ll come with you. We also want to give our opinions!” Finally, the twins couldn’t take it anymore and exclaimed.

“No, you have an exam today. You can give your input some other day.” My mother dismissed the twins as she cleared the table.

The twins balled their fingers and clenched their jaw, giving Tristan a warning look before they stomped their feet to get their bags and marched off to school.

“Oh and dear, Jason called. One of the horses and cows will give birth. They needed an extra hand.”

At the mention of this, my father got up from his seat while my mother glanced at Cain.

“Cain, would you be a dear and help my husband at the farm?”

Is my mother doing this on purpose?!

“Mom–!” I was about to protest when Cain held my hand. I glanced at him, and he just gave me a wink. He kissed my cheek before he quietly went to my father’s side.

“Now Len-Len, let’s get going so Mr. Clark can finish quickly.” My mother didn’t let me whined when she practically dragged me outside with Tristan and Cristy following behind.

It was just fifteen minutes’ drive from our house to my mother’s school.

We were currently on an empty lot just beside the school, surveying the surroundings.

“The sewerage line is here. There’s also a water line in there. And then the electric pole is here. The road is wide enough to permit two cars.” My mother started to point out the obvious the moment we arrived at the site.

Cristy pretended to take down notes and pictures while Tristan pretended to listen to my mother, yet his eyes would always land on me.

“Hmm… The soil is a little soft. We’ll have my engineers survey the land first thing here tomorrow morning so we can do a thorough analysis.”

Tristan guided my mother to go back to her private office inside the school.

“Why don’t we discuss those spaces you wanted to add and have your beautiful daughter run down some checks on the plans?”

I frowned, and I was not afraid to show it.

“Yes, let’s. But what do you mean by the soil is soft? Is there going to be a problem with the building?” My mother’s anxious self ignored my refusing gaze.

“There will be an extra cost if the engineers concluded that we need some piles to be driven, but let’s not jump into that. Let’s survey the soil first. Don’t worry, I’ll personally oversee this project, and I’ll be here tomorrow to assist everything.”

I cursed all the names and bad words that I knew.

Is fate really adamant to ruin everything for me?

“That’s nice. So I have these facilities that I wanted to add. Like a field, bathrooms, bicycle racks—”

My mother didn’t stop her demand even until we reached her office and sat down on the sofa.

Cristy laid out the plans for me to browse while my mother occupied Tristan’s whole attention with her barraged of requirements – which I secretly thanked her for.

I browsed the plans while they were busy with their discussions. Just the first run through and I already found many flows with the drawings.

It didn’t take long that my brows were ceased into one line.

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