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Chapter 21: Lunch

“So, Cain right? What are you doing for a living, Cain?” Tristan asked, pretending to be serious while hiding a mocking smile.

We were currently eating lunch together with my parents and the twins. It didn’t escape my notice that Tristan was secretly taking stolen glances at me much to my annoyance.

I think that the twins and my parents also noticed it too since my brothers have a new enemy to throw their dagger eyes while my father and mother took it nonchalantly.

Cain too surprised me when he just calmly sat at my side, like always, served me food. Usually, he would be emanating a deadly cold freezing aura by now.

I could now confirm that I was really a naive and idiot girl in my past life looking at Tristan now.

He’s clearly a womanizer!

I knew that he and Cristy must have something between them from the way their body intimately touched from then and now. That was beyond personal space!

This guy will fuck anything with white skin, breasts, and vagina.

“Oh, Cain’s a merchant, aren’t you dear?” My mother was the one who answered while kept on passing dishes after dishes.


Tristan looked surprised as he focused his attention on the cold man, seemingly interested.

He could get an Oscar for that.

“Yes. He sells stuff.” My mother added.

I sensed that Cain glanced at me with an amused smirk.

I pretended not to notice as I continued to eat my food while giving him a ‘I was too lazy to tell them’ kind of face.

My parents did ask what Cain does for a living back in my condo in New Haven when I was still injured. Since it was a pain to tell them of what he does, and even I didn’t exactly have a clear picture of how vast were the Fay’s family business empire.

He was in charge and the sole heir to the family’s business which includes but not limited to hotels, restaurants, real estates, jewelry, clothes, mines, oils, trading ports, and all others that I didn’t know of.

“He’s a merchant.” To make it short.

“Oh. What does he sell?” My mother just shrugged her shoulders while my father resumed reading his newspaper.

“Oh… you know… stuffs. Foods, clothes, jewelry and all that.” I lazily answered back.

“As long as he has a job dear.”

I think my mother misunderstood, but whatever.

My parents didn’t have any inkling on how wealthy Cain really was.

They thought at that time, he would just rent a private plane just to impress them, not knowing he owned not one but – I’m probably sure that it’s not just one.

I think only the twins knew how wealthy Cain was since they were the only ones who set foot inside his luxurious penthouse aside from me and Cain’s family.

But they were not about to tell my parents that anytime soon.

As do I.

“What kind of stuffs?” Tristan urged my man which the latter obliged.

“Foods, clothes, jewelry and all that.”

I almost choke when I heard him say exactly what I said to my parents.

Does he have ears everywhere?

“Really. Do you have your wares with you now? Maybe something will catch my fancy.”

Even though Tristan’s voice was even, I could still hear the smugness in his tone.

I frowned.

What does he take Cain for? A peddling merchant?

I secretly peeped at my lover.

Many would think at first glanced that the man was rich from the way he carried himself even if he just wore a simple buttoned shirt and pants.

I looked up at Tristan.

Like always, the man was fully equipped with his expensive Armani shirt down to his pants and designer shoes with his flaunty million-dollar watch.

Equipped to seduce women I bet.

Doesn’t he know who Cain Fay is?

Well, no one did.

Not even my family.

Most didn’t even know how Cain look like in his country what was more in this small nation in a small province.

“No, I didn’t bring it. A hassle.” Cain continued to serve me food and ignored Tristan altogether.

My eyebrows twitched.

Why is he playing along?

“That’s too bad. I’m a rich customer.” Tristan jokingly said which no one laugh.

You know, there is something satisfying about this.

Watching a fool making a fool out of himself.

“What about you… er… Cristy, right? You still look young. Are you already an architect?” My mother finally noticed that pretty girl who was quietly eating her food at the side.

“No. I’m just working at Clark’s at the moment for extra cash. I’m still a first-year majoring in architecture.” Cristy flashed a smile that I was too familiar with.

“Really. A working student. That must be hard.” My mother looked at her all pityingly while the girl just timidly smiled back.


Cristy might be a backstabbing bitch, but she ‘ain’t poor.

I’m sure she’s Tristan’s whore.

I didn’t know how they met nor I was interested in knowing, but even in my past life and now, they were perfect for each other.

A backstabbing bitch and a womanizing cheater.

Then there it was again – that nagging feeling.

I wonder what it is?

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