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Chapter 2: Elder Fay’s


In a secret underground chamber in an unknown island.


Grey clouds crumpled, not letting a spec of light entered while thunder shook the ground as the wind blew an eerie scream, singing a hymn of impending doom as the gushing rain lamented the departing souls.


Hynes and Lily Fay sat like criminals facing judgment. They didnt dare raise their head to meet the eyes of those two grim reapers sitting opposite them. The two reapers were both elders –– one, a woman, and the other a man.


The elderly woman was so skinny and pale in contrast with her abyssal dark eyes and blood-red lips. She was like a creature of the night –– tall, bony, pale, long silky dark hair and black eyes without any light in them.

While the elderly man, in contrast, was well built and chiseled hard. Like all his years, he was honed on the battlefield.


White hairs, pearl-like grey eyes while the other was lifeless white due to a scary scar, slashing from his forehead down to his chin, slaying his right eye in the process. Making him look not human but something else entirely.


Half of their faces were obscured under the dim lights, making them all the more menacing while the tapping of a finger was the only sound echoing in the creepy half-lit room.




The throaty but powerful voice of the elderly man made the Fay couple jumped from their seat.


Why are the Goldwoods havent dealt with for what they did to my grandson?


In contrast, while the elder mans voice frightened everyone out of their wits, the elder womans voice was soothing. Almost singing everyone to their doom.


Hynes straightened his back and shifted his eyes between the two elders and the table.


Uh . . . W-well . . . we are still thinking––!




Useless son of mine!


Hynes jolted from his seat and hugged his wife for protection.


W-well,” Lily tried to salvage her husband, the Goldwoods have been our families longtime frie––!




The elder womans sharp gaze shut Lily Fay up.


I didnt know that I raised my daughter to be this . . . soft.” The elder womans lips twitched into a chilly smile.


Lily swallowed hard and avoided her mothers gaze.


My grandson is our familys only heir,” the elder man started. The first-ever born from the union of two powerful ancient families. The one who will keep the ancient line running. I dont even have to stretch just how . . . important he is.”


The elder man was so angry, veins popped from the skin of his face as his saliva spit here and there.


In contrast, the elder woman was calm as she held her chin and licked her blood-red lips.


Hmm . . . Those people relax too much in our absence. It is high time to remind them who it was who shape this world and put them in their places.”


Cancel all my appointments, and do not disturb me.”


When his secretary left, Luke Jansen pressed a button, and an invincible barrier enveloped a twenty-meter radius of his desk, and no sound leaked outside.


He then read the message on his phone.


[An announcement in an hour.

–– Elder Fays]


Luke closed his eyes and breathed deeply.


It had been many years since the elder Fays showed themselves.


They usually dont.


They didnt interfere nor mingle with the outside world now that they were old. The last time they were seen was when the poisoning of their grandson –– Cain Fay.


Something must have happened to prompt them to act.


Luke. Did you get the message?




“. . .”


So. Its all of us then.”


All of us?


Yeah. All the powerhouses and leaders in the world.”


“. . .”


Something must have happened. The elder Fays dont usually show up unless . . . Unless someone threatens their bloodline. You know how they are with their kin.”


“. . .”


Who could be so ignorant as to harm their family? After that horrible purge of the houses?


“. . .”


The house purged.


It was a reminder to all powerhouses. After the Elder Fays knew who poisoned their grandson, not one, but three bloodlines down to their last descendant were wiped out from history in a single night.


Every powerhouse owes something to the Fays. It was payment for what they had now. It was war, and through the war that the world was shaped. And it was through assassins, mercenaries, and militaries that they had what they had. It was all thanks to the Fays.


Luke opened his eyes, yet his mind was elsewhere.


This is going to be a long day.”

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