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Chapter 19: The Present

We still have five days before my birthday, and since the twins were not home because they still have exams – Cain and I with little Pluffy, explored the vast greeneries that my province had to offer.

Most of the times, my father would grab his son in law to help out in the farm which I protested, yet the cold man was very much accommodating towards my parents.

He would accompany my father in the farm, helping him harvest the rice and vegetables. Sometimes, helping in picking fruits in our orchards. Other times, he would brush and tend to the animals in our barn. And mostly, he would spend time playing remote control planes and cars together with my pop.

Even though my father didn’t show it, I knew that he was happy for having another son to keep him entertained.

It was not that I was getting jealous or anything, but my father and Cain were practically inseparable now while my mother was busying herself with her school and gave all her attention to little Pluffy together with our three other dogs.

My other family like my cousins and aunt practically worshipped the man and would gladly be his servant in our house.

I tell you, since Cain stepped foot in our mansion, we always have a family reunion.

I glance up again at the object of my fantasies.

I was amazed that Cain didn’t get sunburn from all of this – sun.

We were currently in our orchard while I prettily sat and sipping juice in one of the small gazebos while the workers, my father, and Cain were busy harvesting the fruits.

Cain was completely bathed under the sun, but it seemed that the UV rays and scorching burns were no match against his pale skin.

While me, on the other hand, I had to showered myself with sunblock and wore a gigantic straw hat to keep myself out from the harmful rays since I get burnt easily.

“Hi. Is Mr. Lee here?”

I turned around, and I almost spat out my juice.

My horror.

My past.

The person I didn’t want to see ever again was practically standing meters away from me together with the person who was first on my ex-friends list.

Tristan Clark and Christy Holm.

“Ah. Mr. Clark! I’m sorry. It slips my mind that you’re coming today.” My father immediately walked towards us when he spotted the man.

I knew that the Clark’s Construction company would send their representatives or seniors to do the project, but never in my wildest dreams that it would send its heir to be – Tristan Clark in the flesh.

Is fate playing with me?

Of all the time they choose to visit, they chose now while I was here in our country?

How bizarre is that?

“Don’t worry about it. I went to your house and they’ve said that you’re in the orchard. I called, but no one answered, so we just directly came here. I hope you don’t mind.” Tristan said all formal while his eyes never left mine which made me feel – uncomfortable.

Even I said that I didn’t hate the man anymore, but somewhere in me still do. However, now that he was right here in front of me in the flesh……

I felt absolutely….

….. nothing.

Except that I didn’t want to see both of their faces again.

Nothing more.

“No, not at all. Oh right. Mr. Clark, this is my daughter, Leanna.” My father stepped aside so Tristan could shake my hand – which only God knew how much I didn’t want to.

And of course, I didn’t.

I just nodded at him without accepting his hand. I didn’t care if he considered me rude, but I would never, ever let him touch me ever again.

My father cleared his throat and gave me an understanding look before he turned towards his side.

“This is my daughter, Leanna’s fiancé, Cain Fay.”

I didn’t know how Cain just magically appeared beside my father. His cold gaze didn’t leave mine even when Tristan extended his hand towards him.

I thought that my heart would leap out of my mouth when the cold man didn’t even glance at Tristan, his eyes still on me – watching my every reaction.

Did he notice?

Only did my father clear his throat that Cain finally shook the man’s hand.

I think it was only my imagination when I heard bones crackling.

“And this is Christy Holm, my assistant.” Tristan managed to pull his hand from Cain’s grip with a slight twinge on his lips.

I wanted to snicker, but the information that Christy Holm was his assistant got me curious. I mean, Cristy should still be a first year in college taking up architecture – how did she suddenly became his assistant?

Not that it bothers me much.

Until I saw that bitch’s face brightened – her eyes glimmer when she shook Cain’s hand.

Oh no!

I might have given Tristan to this backstabbing, conniving bitch since they deserved each other – but not Cain.

I will pull all your hairs out and punch your pretty face until all your teeth fall off if you don’t get your stinkin’ claws off MY LOVER.

The two people were surprised, and Cristy immediately retracted her hand while my father look reprimanding at me while Cain’s expressionless face held a smirk – amusement in his frosty eyes.



Did I just say that out loud?

“I’m sorry, my daughter isn’t usually this…… rude.” My father guided the two inside our villa. “My wife will be coming shortly. Why don’t we wait for her inside?”

My father gave me a quick scolding gazed before they went together inside, but not until Tristan gave me one last glanced.

If maybe, I wasn’t focused too much on his good looks and advertising personality in my past life – I would have noticed that glint of lust and desire in his eyes like I noticed now.

I felt disgusted to the bones.



“Do you know him?”

I didn’t meet Cain’s gaze because I was too guilty to lie straight on his face.


Which was true in a way. I was living in this life, not in the past so this would be the first time I met Tristan.

“Then, why do you look at him with so much hatred?”

This man is dangerous.

Finally, I met his demanding gaze. “I just don’t like him.”

Only did Cain plaster a satisfied smile.


Then he walked closer to me and intertwined our fingers.

The straw hat, sleeveless shirt, and shorts do wonders on him.

He looked like he was turned, not a man, but a boy who just started out life.

I licked my lips and ran my fingers over his sweaty chest.

“You look so natural in this my love….”

“You think? I’m starting to get the hang of this. I kind of like this way of life.”

We chuckled.

He cupped my face and bent down to kiss me, gaining the cheers from the people around us.

Even though Cain still have his intimidating cold and indifferent personality, but because of his ordinary clothes (which didn’t regress his jaw-dropping sex appeal in any way) and incredible sense of work ethic, he gained quite a fan from our people.

I chuckled between our kiss.


He pulled out and gave me a curious gaze.


I giggled and pulled the towel hanging around his neck and tiptoed to kiss him.

I didn’t know why fate suddenly merged my past and my present life, but I wouldn’t let it ruin my future with Cain.

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