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Chapter 18: Mingle

“Are you alright?”

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I noticed that Cain was already seated beside me on the bed.

I was helping him settled into his room, but instead, it was the man who finished tidying everything up while all I did was absentmindedly lost myself in my thoughts.

Cain rubbed my back when I didn’t answer.

“I’m sorry. I’m just…. a bit tired…”

I forced a weak smile and was about to stood up when he pulled me on the bed and hovered over me – pinning me under him.

“W-what’re you doing?”

I tried to push him away, but the man just grabbed my hands and pinned it on top of my head.

“What’s been bothering you, Leanna…?”

Sometimes, having a sensitive and perceptive lover have its flaws.

“I’m fine Cain… I’m just…. tired.” I repeated.


He began to assault me into submitting to him, which I didn’t.

Honestly, I didn’t have any inkling of what I was feeling right now.

Hearing Tristan again after so many years. I’m sure he doesn’t even know me.

Do I hate him?

Do I?

Frankly, I don’t, but I won’t just forget what he did.

Maybe that’s what you call forgive but won’t forget.


“You have the nerves to be thinking about something when I’m here in front of you. Who is it?”

Cain tightened his grip as he momentarily stopped licking my neck to raised his head so our eyes would level.

“Is it a guy?”

I felt a punishment coming when I absentmindedly shifted my head to the left – not meeting his gaze.

“So it is then….”

A loud moan escaped my lips when he kissed me hard.

“Who is it, Leanna?”

He kept on asking me while he tortured me beneath his weight. Licking and sucking my lips down to my neck while his other hand was busy squeezing my breasts.

“Mmmnn… n-no… one…”

“Tell me….”


A moan escaped again when he sucked my neck hard while his powerful bulged rocked my body beneath our clothes.

Then the door opened and came in my mother.

“I brought you refreshments–! Oh my….”

My mother widened her eyes at us, yet still, Cain didn’t release me. Though he stopped dry humping me.

Thank the heavens for that!

“M-mom… t-this is….”

I blanked out. I must be red all over from too much embarrassment mixed with awkwardness.

My mother quickly recovered and placed the tray of juice on a table and retreated immediately out of the room.

“Please continue.” She winked at us and closed the door.

After a while, the door opened again with my mother’s hand peeking inside – locking the door before she shut it tight.



Cain unbuttoned his shirt with one hand while his other hand was still gripping mine above my head in a tight hold, not letting me resist him.

“Now…. let’s continue where we left off.”


He got my full attention when my eyes caught his unbuttoned shirt, teasingly exposing his collarbone and chest down to his erection. I even wondered if the zipper of his pants would leave a mark on his cock as it seemed to burst out any seconds now. His pants unable to contain it.


Lawrence and Lance banged the door, demanding entry.

“Now. Now. You two, don’t disturb your sister. She’s resting.” My mother said in a reprimanding voice.

My mother really is—

“Don’t lie mother! Sis is with that demon! She’s in danger!”

Lawrence and Lance’s shouting and banging saved me from Cain’s further assaults.

The cold man tightly closed his eyes as he controlled himself.

I was really getting afraid for the twins now. I hurriedly wiggled my way out under him. Luckily, he let me go.

“Sis!” Lance immediately embraced me tight when I opened the door.

“Hey! It’s good to see you two again.”

I raffled their hairs while my mother looked all disappointed at me, clicking her tongue.

“Everyone, hurry and come downstairs. Dinner will be prepared soon.” She pouted some more before she walked down the staircase, out from our view.

Lance still hugged me, protectively embracing me while looking warningly at Cain to stay away.

“Sis. Is it just you?”

Lawrence question coughed me off guard.

“Why? Did you expect a certain girl with pink hair to come?” I teased.

Which made Lawrence shifted his eyes. “N-no…”

Now I felt guilty again.

“Sis! Come on. I have a lot of things to tell you.” Lance shoved me out of the bedroom, and before I could even turn around to Cain – Lance shut the door in front of the man’s face.


I thwacked his forehead in anger and immediately opened the door.

“Apologize to Cain,” I demanded.

I was furious. My nostrils flared as it puffed out smoke.

I love the twins, but I won’t tolerate any discourteous behavior towards Cain.

“Leanna… It’s okay…”

Cain tried to hug me from behind, but I stepped away and looked all stern at Lance.


Lance just bit his lower lip, glaring at the cold man, clenching his jaws.

“Lance….” I warned.



“I’m…. sorry….”

He mumbled before running downstairs with reddened face.



I sighed and look all apologetic towards Cain.

“I’m sorry about my brother’s rude behavior.”

I felt embarrassed on how my brothers behaved.

Cain just smiled and slightly shook his head. He slid his fingers into mine as we stared into each other’s eyes.

Ahem… I’m still here you know.” Lawrence broke our moment.

But much to my disbelief, Lawrence just shrugged his shoulders and walked downstairs.

“Well, at least one of them warmed up to me.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call it a warm-up, but that will suffice for now, I guess.” I chuckled.

Then my smile froze when he lowered his head to whisper in my ear.

“Don’t think this is over.”

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