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Chapter 17: Past


Mom! Dad!


I extended my hands, ready to give my parents a big hug.




My mothers face was stretched in all smiles as she ran towards us. But instead of hugging me, her daughter –– she ran straight into Cains embrace. While my father just tapped my shoulder before he patted Cains shoulder, completely forgetting about me –– their daughter.


Son! Its good to see you again! Im so happy that youve decided to take a vacation in our home,” my mother exclaimed with her more than high pitched voice, looking all tutu eyes at Cain.


How is your flight? Im sure youre tired. Come, lets get you all rested and fed,” my father said and led Cain towards our parked van.


Len-Len, come on, dear.” My mother finally noticed me. Dont just stand there.”


Its good that you still remember me. Tell me honestly, am I adopted?


My mother didnt even roll her eyes. She just ignored me and walked in my direction. I thought she would hug me, but instead –– she just snatched little Pluffy from my embrace and zoomed towards the van.


My parents left me there, standing, looking all infuriated while they huddled around Cain like he was their long lost son.

Mom, where are the twins?


They still have exams. Dont worry. Theyll be home.”


My mother shot me a dismissing look, hinting not to disturb her as she pointed at the scenery while explaining everything to Cain like a seasoned tour guide.


Cain reached for my hand, and my head rested on his shoulder without even knowing it.


We stayed like that while he listened to my mothers prattling and me resting against him as our fingers intertwined . . . Until I saw my father peeked at us on the front view mirror. He was seated at the front, beside our driver while the three of us were at the back with Cain at the center.


My head shot away from Cains shoulder, looking all awkward as I pretended to look at the scenery outside the window.


My father cleared his throat before he started a conversation, looking all amused.


So, Leanna. Your mothers school is doing great. Thus we are going to start expanding to accommodate as many students as we can.”


That got my attention.


I sat straight and looked at my father in the front view mirror.


Thats great! Do you guys want me to ask the same architect to design the expansion?


Ah . . . no,” My father said. Its alright. We already contacted someone to design the expansion. Hiring a foreigner outside of the country takes time.”


I frowned.


I dont like it.


Its not because I didnt trust the architects here in our country, but because I only wanted the best for my parents.


The best there is in the world.


Its a popular construction company in the city. They do design and build, so we dont have to worry about anything,” my father added when he sensed my discontentment.


Oh . . . Thats good,” I said, prolonging the words. Who did you find?


I kept my voice even so my parents wouldnt hear the dissatisfaction in my tone.


I think its name is . . . Clark Construction Company.”


. . .


. . .



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