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Chapter 16: He Wins

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Under the glowing full moon, the lake glittered like tiny jewels. The leaves rustled, and the gentle chilly wind sang a soothing rhythm signaling for the approaching winter.

A lone figure bathed in the warm waters under the light of the stars. His whole person, lifeless as he tried vigorously to wash his body – as if to clean something else entirely.


I whispered, and the man stiffened.

When he didn’t move and continued to turn his back on me, not having second thoughts, I slowly submerged myself in the waters and made my way towards him.

“What are you doing here?”

Cain’s sharped and indifferent voice sent a pang in my heart.

I ignored it and continued to move closer towards him.

“Leave. I’m giving you a chance to be out of this life.”

I pretended not to be hurt by his cold voice – his refusal to call my name.

After you made me fall in love with you?

I don’t think so!

I know I badly hurt him when I decided to left him, instead of trusting him.



My eyes closed when my body jolted at hearing his angry voice.

I could see his whole body shook as he tried to control whatever it was that he was so desperately trying to control.

Even though it was the first time that he shouted at me – I didn’t feel scared at all. Instead, it made my body even more determined to get closer to him.


I hugged his back as I circled my arms around his waist which made him stiffened.

Like I thought.

He just let me hugged him without any resistance.

“Cain… I’m sorry….”

“Why are you apologizing? It was my fault that I drag you into this.”

I shook my head.

“I… whatever it is… I wanted to face your family’s secrets. Your darkness. Your past. Your present. Your future – our future, with you by my side.”



“Leanna…… I’m… I’m not a good person.”

“So am I.”

“I’m a killer.”

“So am I.”

“I’m not joking.”

Finally, he pulled out from my embrace and turned to grabbed my shoulders, trying to shake me awake.

“I’m also not joking. I killed insects and rodents–!”

“These are humans, Leanna! A human–!”


I cut him and cupped his face. “It’s still… a life……”



“I’m giving you a chance to walk out from all of this.”

“And I’m giving you a chance to be with me forever.”

Cain managed a wry smile before he embraced me tightly. I circled my hand on his lower back and ran my other hand through his hair.

“Are you alright with me? With all of these?”

I felt his hot breath on the crook of my neck as I closed my eyes, savoring his warmth.

“No… but with you by my side – I will be.”



“I’m sorry. I love you so much.”

“I love you more.”

My eyes glistened when I felt droplets of warm water fell on my shoulder.

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