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Chapter 15: Your Future


Cain . . .


I ran into the dining room, hoping to find the man, but he was nowhere to be found. 


I rushed into the hallway only to be stopped when a room opened, and a hand peeked out, waving for me to come inside.


Seriously, whats all with these rooms?


Curious, I sauntered towards it and found it was Lily Fay who was waving her fingers, motioning for me to come inside. I stepped inside and found myself transported in another dimension altogether.

The room was blazing bright, and I was surrounded by piles and piles of neatly arranged . . .


. . . books?


There was only one soft furniture besides the gigantic cabinets full of books –– a large comfy sofa.




I was surprised when Lily Fay jumped into my arms and wrapped me in her embrace.


I always wanted to do this ever since you made my son love like no other.” Lily grabbed both of my shoulders and took all of me in her kind eyes.


I didnt know what to do when faced with this kind of intimacy, so my lips just twitched in an awkward smile.


Come, come. I want to show you something.” She sat me on the sofa before she hurried and picked some books and trotted back to me.


The piles of books turned out to be a photo album!


And it was full of pictures of Cain in his younger years!


My eyes didnt know which to take in first as I drooled over him. Even as a kid, he was already so handsome –– in an adorable way.


That one was taken when he was five. Ah. Even as a kid, he was already this haughty and cold.” Lily chuckled at Cains pictures with the latters usual expressionless face.


I love this one. This was the time when his baby tooth started to fall off. He wouldnt say a word or even opened his mouth.”


I snickered. I could almost see Cains annoyed face straight out from the picture.


Then my eyes flicked on a mesmerizing photo.


Under the faint glowing moon, a pale young boy was looking over the dark sky. His frosty eyes glistened. Half of his body was submerged in the lake as his exposed skin glimmered with dripping water.


The picture aroused loneliness and other feelings I was not fond of.


That was secretly taken when he was ten. Thats the first time he . . . killed someone.”


I wanted to hold back my gasp, but it still escaped my mouth.


Sadness was apparent on Lilys down curved smiles as she caressed the photo of her son.


He wanted to be alone that night. Whenever he was sad or stress or felt that the world is against him, he would go to this lake in the back of our house and bathe under the moonlight. Drowning his sorrows away.”


. . .


. . .

I sometimes regret it. It was because he was born in this family that he didnt have the chance to enjoy his childhood.” She retracted her gaze and stared at the ground with a better smile.


My mother raised me to be a strong girl. Devoid of any emotions. Unfeeling. But even so, when you became a mother, you just wanted one thing in this world . . . To see your children happy.”


Lily held my hand and looked me straight in the eyes.


Cain is happy with you. I know Im unfair in pleading to you like this, but . . . please . . . give Cain a chance. I know youre probably unsure and scared . . . Ive been there.” She cupped my cheeks as her eyes drew me in.


Cain he . . . we hurt a lot of people. Kill even. We are not good people.  But one thing is for sure . . . we are willing to be the villain and will do it all over again to protect those we love.”


. . .


. . .


H-how did you . . . ,” I croaked and cleared my throat. How did you take it? I cant even think of killing my child.”


Yes, I didnt like children. Theyre noisy and rowdy. But it was an entirely different story when it is mine.


Lily held my face as our eyes locked.


No one does. And believe me, I was scared too. Even with all the assurance Hynes gave me, I still . . . I still left him.”


My eyes widened at her confession.


Yes, I did what you did. I left the man because the fear of the unknown is stronger than my trust for him.”


I bit my lip and shifted my eyes to the floor.


Then . . . How did you . . . ?How did you still end up together?


Lily released my face and held my hand.


It was my mother who convinced me as what I am doing to you right now. All it took was a little advice here and there. A lot of love and a lot of trust.”


. . .


. . .


I couldnt help but think naughty things on the trusts part, but this was not the time to ruin the mood.


Lily squeezed my hand and smiled, which I returned her kind gestures with the same tenderness.


Cain will never hurt you. He will protect your happiness –– even from us.”


. . .


. . .


Slowly, I pulled my hands from her hold and stood to my feet.


Lily was stunned for a second before her eyes watered and her chin wrinkled, but she still maintained her smile.


I understand . . . I mean . . . Youre a normal girl . . . To be drag in a family of kill––” She paused and sighed before she forced a smile. You must be tired. Come, Ill take you to your room.”


I licked my lips.


Actually . . . Im planning on taking a swim.”

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