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Chapter 14: Trust


Estela grabbed my arm.

“Where are you going?”

“I… I… don’t know….”

I feel so lost.

Estela looked at my crying state some more before she pulled me into a room.

I was a total wreck at the moment, and I was not thinking straight as my brain still hanged upon the realization that Cain and I – are over.


Estela guided me to sat on a bed and brought me a glass of water which I absentmindedly drink.



It seemed like an hour went by that I just stared at the floor like a crazy person.

My hiccup occasionally echoing in the quiet room.

“Did you calm yourself?”

Estela’s soft voice made me gaze at her, then I roamed my eyes around me.

I was in a white rococo inspired bedroom. Everything were in shades of white that I felt like I was in heaven. The colors somehow made me calm.

I nodded.

“Good. I wanted to say a few things. I want you to understand our family before you make any decisions.”

Estela breathed a mouthful of air, and then started to explain.

“My family have been preserving our bloodline since age immemorial. My grandparents like to call it ancient. My family values traditions and preserving our lineage like my previous ancestors have done. They didn’t put those conditions without a reason. In the past, the Vlad and Fay’s were a big family until it declined – the reason was that, brothers and sisters killed each other for the family’s position and fortunes. Both our grandparents suffered from that same predicament, and they both came out victorious after a bloodbath with their own kin.”

Estela stopped when she noticed the horrible look on my face.

“But… I thought that… your father has a brother….”

Estela reached out and squeezed my hand before he gave me a sad smile.

“Uncle Hardin is not a Fay. He’s my father’s personal bodyguard, but my grandparents decided to make him act as the firstborn to protect our father, so that the world’s full attention is on him and not on our father.”

I glanced at her with a denial written on my face.

“So, Cain lied to me?”

“Don’t think about the lie. Think about the reason behind it. He did it to protect you. I’m not even supposed to tell you this since you’re not yet married into our family. No one knows this secret except our family.”

“W-what… what are you?”

Estela’s face was hurt, yet she still managed a smile.

“I can’t tell you much, Leanna. They’d kill you if you know too much.”



“A-re you…. are you also bound by these conditions?”

“No…. since I’m going take up my husband’s name, then from that day, I will no longer be a Fay. However, I am an assurance that if something happens to my brother’s heir or to my brother, which is unlikely, the next in line will be my boy.”

“That’s ridiculous. All of this is just ridiculous!”

I was like a kid throwing tantrums as I couldn’t believe that there were still a family like this left in this world.

I mean, I could understand about the whole preserving the bloodline thing, but restricting childbirth?

Well, yeah I know that having a big family could be a pain, but I think that it would just be a matter of disciplining and guiding the kids.


And it’s the twenty-first century! How come they still think that men dominated this world?! Just because the woman would take up their name?!

“Leanna, I know it sounds ridiculous to you… but that’s just how we live. I’m sorry that we didn’t tell you. We are trying to protect you.”

I smiled bitterly at myself.

“Will they kill me knowing that I broke off with your brother?”

Estela watched me with horrid eyes.

“Y-you…. you broke off…. you’re leaving my brother?”

I didn’t like the tone of her accusing voice so I snapped at her.

“Tell me Estela, what more ‘secrets’ will I know once I married into your family?”

I smiled mockingly when she didn’t answer.

“It’s better to leave now than to regret it later.”



“Leanna… I know my family has many secrets. I know my brother is not a saint. He has done many things – unforgivable things, and I know he will be compelled to do those things again when necessary. But what I’m sure of is that… my brother loves you so much and won’t ever dream of hurting you.”



When I didn’t answer, my eyes bulged out when Estela went down on her knees.

“Leanna… I’m begging you…. Trust my brother…. Trust your future to him…”



Trust my future to him?

Somehow, those words gave me unbelievable comfort. Like a fuel giving me energy.

Trust your future to him.

Did he ever let you down?

I chuckled at my own thoughts.

I kneeled and hugged Estela.

“Thank you.”

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