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Chapter 13: Alone

“To avoid any complications in the future, we only require you to give birth to a boy and a girl, and no more.”

“What if I birthed two boys or two girls?” The words escaped my mouth without even thinking it.

“We’ll kill the other child.”

The elder woman said with all seriousness – her dark cold obsidian eyes had no compassion whatsoever.

My eyes widened, wanting to see if the elder woman was joking with me.

I hope this is all just one stupid joke.



“Well, do you agree?”

The elder man stomped his cane impatiently.

“Father, why don’t we let Leanna rest for a while? I’m sure this is all have been a shock to her.” Lily Fay stood up, trying to lighten the mood.

“If she truly loves my grandson, then she will agree without a second thought.” The scary elder man said with a sneer as he stomped his cane once more.

Love Cain?

Of course, I love him

But this was not just about him nor me anymore.

This is about our future children!

“Leanna, I know what you’re thinking. But there are proven ways for you to give birth to a boy or a girl. You have nothing to–!”

“Mom… Could you all…. leave us.”

Cain cut her mother short while he rubbed my back when he noticed my horrible white heaving face.

“I understand, you rest first Leanna, and make yourself at home.”

Then his family, one by one, left. Estela also obediently and quietly left the dining room.

The elder man and woman gave me one last look before they too took their leave.



Cain gave me some time to process all of this.

He quietly rubbed my back. He knew to keep silent when I was angry.

I was beyond angry – I’m in rage!

I felt cheated.

I brushed off his arm and snapped my head at him.

“Why didn’t you tell me all of these?!”

Cain’s face, for the first time, contorted into different emotions.



“Answer me!” I shouted when he remained silent.

“I… I’m… I’m just afraid that you will…. leave me once you know.”



I closed my eyes and held my forehead.

Cain hugged me when my face settled into a helpless smile.

“Cain… You’re putting me in a difficult position. This is our…. this our child we’re talking about.”

“Leanna… I promise, I won’t let it come to that…. Trust me.”

“Cain… You can’t control these kinds of things. You can’t control whether I’ll give birth to a boy or a girl, and what if I gave birth to twins? Or triplets?”

I couldn’t even fathom to think of the thought of killing my own child.

My own flesh and blood!

Just thinking about it caused me waves after waves of nausea and bile threatened to roiled out from my stomach as a salty feel stung my eyes and nose.

Cain cupped my face and kissed the tears that fell out from my eyes.

“Leanna…. Trust me… I won’t ever let that happen.”

“If… If I marry you…. we can only have two children.”

I felt Cain’s hands stiffened as he answered me in a shaky voice.




“I want to… think about this thoroughly….”

“Of course… Of course… Anything you want, Leanna….” Cain gave me a relief smile.




Cain slowly retracted his hands and slumped on his seat. His head lowered as his eyes focus on the ground.

“You’re…. l-leaving… You’re leaving me….”

“Cain….please understand… I just want to think this through alone for some time……”

My heart tightened when I saw his state. His eyes dead, staring at the floor. Gone was the overbearing and domineering man, replaced by a man that had lost everything. Anguish, despair, loneliness was apparent on his face.


I was starting to get worried when he just sat there – unmoving, looking all lifeless.





“Just leave….”



I gripped my mouth when I uncontrollably sobbed. All the life sucked out from me when I realized that even after reincarnated and all that – I will still end up alone.

I stood up and rushed to exit the room. My legs frantically searched its way out of this maze-like mansion.


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