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Chapter 12: Conditions

I thought that Cain’s parents didn’t want me, but I was proven wrong when they welcomed me with open arms.

I didn’t hide my surprise when I saw Lily Fay – she was the same woman at that time when I bought little Pluffy’s collar at Bijoux!

I didn’t exactly know why, but the whole family seemed tense, even Estela who was bubbly became quiet.

And most importantly…

I glance at the man beside me.

Cain’s been avoiding my eyes the moment we began our dinner. He didn’t even as so much touch his food.

Droplets of sweat were evident on his nose and forehead even though the room temperature was cold.

“What’s the matter, dear? Don’t you like the food?”

I awkwardly smiled at the elder woman in front of me.

“N-no… it’s quite good.”

I forced the food down my throat. The food was indeed delicious, yet I couldn’t seem to taste anything with all my nerves acting up.

It was a quiet dinner, and the family seemed to be nervous making me nervous as well except for the two elder people in front of me that kept on studying my face.

“Now then. Let’s not prolong this agony and get straight to the point.” The elder man thumped his cane, and the maids immediately emptied the table and served us tea.

I felt Cain tensed up. He grabbed my fingers under the table. His warm hand now cold and frigid.

I gently squeezed them.

“F-father, why don’t we eat dessert first?” Hynes Fay tried to salvage the tense situation.

“Don’t have to waste any more time on a morsel of food that no one will eat.” The elder man didn’t even look at his son, his focus still on me.

“Now… Leanna, the purpose of this dinner is not just because we wanted to meet you, is because we wanted you to know… certain conditions if you want to marry in this family.”

That was news to me.

There are conditions?

I glanced at Cain, but the man was adamant in avoiding my eyes. Even Estela and his parents averted their gazes.

It seemed that the two elder people in front of me were the actual head of the Fay’s family.

“What conditions?” I met the elder man’s gaze, not backing down.

If he thought that a few conditions could break me away from Cain, then they were mistaken.

Nothing can stand between us.

The elder woman smiled and nodded at me. “There are just four conditions, my dear.”

I noticed that even though the elder woman had a smile on her face all the time – her gaze, however, were sharp and cruel. Not an ounce of tenderness in them.

“One, you’ll be loyal and will love Cain unconditionally – forever.”


Alright, that’s not hard to do.

It was never my philosophy to butt in when people were talking so I just nodded at the elder woman and she continued.

“Two, you have to keep the families’ secrets – secret.”

I think that there were more meaning to it than that – but whatever.


The elder woman glanced at Cain and I felt the man turned into stone. His grip tightened. I couldn’t help myself but glanced at his direction and found that he was already staring at me with fear in his eyes, like any moment now, he would just kidnap me and ran away from this place.

I rubbed my thumb on his knuckles and focus my gaze again at the elder woman who had now a serious face.

“Your children will undergo… life-threatening trainings to equip them for the future, but don’t worry, they won’t die. We assure you that.”

The way she said it like, it was no big deal. Like we were just talking about taking cooking or piano lessons.

“What kind of trainings?”

“Don’t worry about it. All you have to know at this point is that – no matter how hard the training is; the child will not die.” The elder man said without a shred of emotions on his scary face.

When my face wavered, the elder woman sweetly smiled at me as if trying to console me.

“Don’t worry. All the Fay’s undergo such trainings. Even Cain and Estela.”

Is that why Cain have those many scars?

I closed my eyes tight. I didn’t want to imagine what kind of trainings it was, but if it would help my children to face the future then…

“And the fourth?” I opened my eyes and met the gazes of the two elder people.

I saw the woman smile grew more extensive while the elder man twitched his mouth.

“The fourth…. is very important, my dear.”

The elder woman tilted her head, and her dark obsidian eyes with no light whatsoever scared me.

Hynes Fay tried to drink water from his shaking glass, and Lily Fay and Estela have this pleading eyes, looking at me. I felt my hand gone numb from Cain’s tight grip, but I resisted the urge to glance at him.

Somehow, I was angry at him for not telling me these ‘conditions’.

“The fourth is… you will only give birth to a boy and a girl… and nothing more.”




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