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Chapter 11: Meeting the Family


What do you want for your birthday?


I stopped studying and glance over at the man who was sitting beside me on the bed.


It was almost two months since that incident, and my right leg was already healed.


Hmmmm . . .” I rolled the letters in my tongue, pretending to think. How about a one-week tour in Europe where well sleep in one of those igloos as we watched the northern lights . . . just the two of us? I shot him a smile and resumed studying.


My birthday was exactly a week after the fall exams. In Artem, there was a spring break, summer break, autumn break, and winter break. After the fall exam, there would be a two weeks break, and coupled with Halloween, it was a total of three weeks break from school.


So we discussed to celebrate my birthday in my home country. Then we could spend the rest of the break exploring Europe. Just the two of us.


That will be so romantic.


Mmm . . . Ive already asked my father to take over for me. Im all yours for three weeks.” He kissed my cheek, and my smile never left my face.     


Cant wait for my birthday!

Dont worry, Leanna. We will be there on your birthday,” Zoe said while texting.


What will you do with the rest of the break? Why dont you come with us and spend your vacation at my home? My parents will be happy to see you again,” I said, capturing her elusive eyes.


Finally, Zoe stopped texting and gave me a complicated look. “W-well, you see . . . I have many orders of paintings lately . . . Grandpa Luke and I have been busy with the gallery and all.”


I knew she was just avoiding Lawrence. Ever since my brothers birthday (which I knew she secretly attended), she had been . . . well . . . moving on, I guess?


Which I was guilty about.


Grandpa Luke?I asked, instead.


Thats what the old man wanted me to call him.” Zoe shrugged her shoulders before she finished sipping her soda and grabbed her things.


Where are you going?


Zoe bit her lips and avoided my questioning eyes. “Sorry, guys. I promised Elliot that wed watch a movie tonight.”


I could only mutter an, Oh.”


See you tomorrow,” she said and bolted out of the restaurant.


I guess it was better for her to fall in love with someone else.


Dont worry, Elliot is a good guy.” Estela finished her frape and packed her things.


I know.”


I finished my tea and cleared my scattered notes on the table.


How about you, Estela? Do you want to come with us to my home?


Sorry, Zhander, and I have plans, but well be there on the day of your birthday.”


She threw a wink my way as we got out of the library.




My forehead crumpled. Usually, these two would come at the slight mention of vacation.


I guess everyone already has plans.

Are you alright? I squeezed Cains hand when the man hadnt said a word from the whole ride to his parents home.


In these past few days, after Cain told me that he wanted to introduce me to his family officially, I was anxious and nervous. But he was more nervous than I was.


These past few days, I caught him taking constant peek at me with something akin to fear in his eyes. And now we were in his chopper, close to his parents home, he was adamant about keeping me under his watch that I couldnt help but feel nervous as well.


Its nothing,” he said after a while, yet he refused to tear his eyes on me.


Young master, were here.”


Even Russells voice had a nervous streak in it.


Am I not wanted in his family? Is it going to be alright?


Lets go,” Cain said, and we got off the chopper.


I couldnt even marble at the majestic mansion right before me as my feet shook with every step I took. But before I could walk further, Cain grabbed my hand, spanning me around to look at him.


His expression was unreadable, and the fear in his eyes intensified.


Leanna . . .”


Yes?I said it with a laugh, but it came out choked.


He squeezed my hand and hugged me tightly.


I love you.”


. . .


. . .


My arms wrapped around his back, hugging him with the same intensity.


I love you too.”

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