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Chapter 1: The In-Laws

“Who is this handsome man, Leanna?”

My mother asked absentmindedly. Her eyes, not leaving Cain the moment she saw him.

My father was also the same. He was checking something on Cain, looking up and down.

The twins also sized him up. They frowned when they couldn’t find any criticism on the man.

Cain just stood there like an alien being dissected by my family.

“My name is Cain Fay. I’m Leanna’s….” Cain took a peek at my stern nervous face before looking at my parents.


“Fiancé!” I grabbed his hand firmly.




My family barked at the same time. Their eyes bulged as their mouth opened and closed, wanting to say something but having difficulty forming the words.

“Cain Fay. My fiancé.” I hardened my voice and steeled my face, not backing down at their shock faces while my hand tightly gripped Cain’s hand.

Cain also look at me in disbelief.

Then he smiled – his whole person radiated warmth.

“I can’t believe this!”

My mother exclaimed as she went to my side and pointed her finger at me while her gaze remained fixated on Cain.

“Are you really okay with her? She didn’t drug you or anything, did she?”


*chuckle… No, it was I who was beholden by her at first sight.” Cain squeezed my hand.

I blushed hard when he looked at me like I was the only person in this room.

My father cleared his throat, his face stern. “Now, I’m not against this or anything, but…”

He shifted his stern gaze between Cain and me.

“Leanna is still young. I don’t want her to get married at a very young age.”

“Yes! Tell him, dad!”

The twins roared at the same time while their dagger eyes didn’t leave Cain for a moment, hoping to murder the man with their piercing glares.

“There is an advantage if Leanna marries me at a young age… you can play with your grandchildren early.”



My father slowly made his way towards Cain and patted his shoulder.

“Well, you know that girls have to grow up sooner or later, and Leanna can already decide for herself. If you want to get married, then who am I to stop you? I can only give you my blessings.”

The twins yelled in protest.


“Dad, you traitor!”

“Dad, Mom! I thought you’re going to interrogate this man on how did sis end up like this?!” Lance smirked when Cain’s brows twitched.

I was just glad that Cain hadn’t told my parents anything yet.

“Hush now! I bet your clumsy sister fell down a stair and hurt herself. The most important thing is… Len-Len is alive. Don’t hang up on the past too much honey. You’ll grow grey hairs early.” My mother brushed the twins and shoved Cain closer next to me.

“Now, you two get all lovey-dovey while I take a picture. Wait till I post this. My friends will be eating vinegar their entire lives with a son in law like this!” My mother brought out her phone and took shot after shot in different angles before being satisfied and sat at the corner of the room, completely lost in her phone.

My father sat beside her, his serious face thinking about something while murmuring to himself.

“Is Lotte a good name…? or… Lenny… naah… too common… how about, Loren…?”



I didn’t know if I should cry or be happy to have these kinds of parents.

I glanced at Cain and found the man already staring at me intently. We smiled at each other as he squeezed my hand.

We continued to be lost in each other’s eyes until Lance rudely whacked our joined hands apart before he snarled at Cain, looking all menacingly.

“Don’t get too comfortable with my sister, you demon!” Lawrence stood between Cain and me as he puffed his chest, trying to look all tough while straining his pretty head at looking at the towering man.

“Sis, don’t worry. Now that we are here, we’ll save you from being brainwash by this demon.” Lance grabbed my hand and gently squeezed it, his dark brown puppy eyes determined and fierce.



I don’t understand… where did I go wrong in raising this two?

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