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Chapter 80: Chaos!

I woke up from that smell of antiseptic, and blindingly bright lights immediately assaulted my eyes.


My eyebrows twitched as I roamed my eyes in a white room to find my mother’s anxious voice.

“Len-Len, what do you feel?”

My mother was sitting beside me as she held my hand, crying nonstop.

“Leanna, how are you feeling?”

My father strode beside my mother, looking all strict, yet eyes full of worry.

“Cain…” I whispered when I saw no one else besides us.

I tried to move, but my right leg was plastered and my body heavy. I also felt dizziness at the abrupt movement.

“Stay still honey…” My mother immediately hugged me to keep me from moving.

“Mom! Where’s Cain?” My voice cracked when I saw my family’s bewildered gazes like they were seeing a crazy woman.

Knowing the man, I knew that he wouldn’t just leave my side knowing that I was injured even if my family was here.

“Where’s Cain?!” My high pitch voice alarmed the people beside me.

“Leanna….” My mother looked at me questioningly.

“Who is Cain?”


I gazed at my hand and found it… bigger than what it was.

I hyperventilated when panic attack struck me at the realization that I seemed to went back on that time that I was twenty-something and haven’t met Cain at all.


“Len-Len, what’s wrong?!”

“Quick, get the doctor!”


I tightly clenched my fist at my heart, refusing to accept that all it was – was just a dream.

A dream?





I screamed and wanted to get up, but felt that my shoulders were being gripped, forcing me to stay in bed.

“Leanna… it’s alright….”

Instantly, I found my calm in that soothing voice.

My vision cleared and the anxious face of Cain flooded me with relief.

I tightly embraced his neck, wanting to feel his warmth.

Wanting to ascertain that this was not a dream.

“Shhhh…. you’re safe now…” Cain ran his fingers through my hair as he carefully hugged my shaking body.

The room instantly flooded with my sobs and cries of his name.

“I’m here… I’m here….” Cain constantly reassured me with his soft voice.

I was lost in his warmth and love that I didn’t notice that he broke out into cold sweat.


My eyes flew open and noticed that it was not just us in the room.

I saw Zoe and Estela, all smiles at me as well as Zhander and…


“Leanna… I’m so glad you’re alright.” Estela wiped away the tears in her eyes while Zhander lovingly put his arm around her shoulders.

Damn girl! You always know how to scare the life out of me!” Zoe grinned, yet her eyes were misty and full of worry.

The two wanted to rash and hugged me, but the cold, intimidating man stopped them from even approaching me.

I let go of Cain and instantly noticed that his cold face was paler than usual, and a shade of purple pale, dark hues were scattering around his eyes, looking all tired.

That’s right, he’s injured!

“Cain! Your wounds!” I panicked and looked at Estela to get her brother some medical help.

“It’s alright. It was already patched up.”

I paused and look at him again.

My gaze wondered onto his freshly white buttoned shirt.

Then I gazed at my hospital gown, my plastered right leg with bruises and cuts here and there. Then my view caught the white gauze-like bandage on my cheek.

I probably look like a mess right now.

“Cain, what happened? T-the professor….”

Cain gently pressed his forefinger on my lips.

“Your professor is alive. You don’t have to worry about anything… Everything… is being taken cared off.” Cain’s frosty eyes turned deeper and a shade darker.

His last sentence sent a chill that crawled down towards my spine, shaking even my soul.

“Cain… The professor saved me.” I had to get the words out because somehow, I felt that if I didn’t – I wouldn’t see that smoking hot gorgeous silver-haired lady anymore.

Cain stared at me some more before he slowly nodded.

“Cain Fay!”

I turned my gaze towards Zoe who was now closing in on us with both arms opened.

“I need to give you a hug for saving my best friend!”



I couldn’t believe that this girl could act so shameless under this circumstances.

“No need.”

Cain brushed her off while his eyes were still on me. I was surprised that he even replied.

“I insist.”

Cain sighed before he raised his forefinger at the girl while his eyes still didn’t leave mine.

“I’ll give you thirty seconds to hug my finger.”

Zoe gasped a mouthful of air and seemed to be hyperventilating as she frantically fanned herself with her fingers.

Fudge! I can’t believe this! I’m going to hug Cain Fay’s finger!! I can die happy now!” Zoe dramatically exclaimed, causing everyone to laugh, including me.

She was about to grab Cain’s finger when the cold, heartless man pulled out at the last second.

“Times up.”

“What!! I demand a refund!!”

All of us laughed even Cain and Zhander smirked at Zoe’s pleading and shameful actions, lightening the tense atmosphere.

Then after a hearty series of laughter, Cain gazed at me seriously.



I wiped off the tears in my eyes and look at the man.

“I called your parents.”




“They have the right to know.” Cain tried to explain at my stunned face.

But my brain was still trying to process that piece of explosive information. Just imagining my mother’s anxious cries and the barrage of questions already caused my head to pound painfully.

What will I tell them on how on earth I landed myself in this sorry state? And what will I tell them about Cain?

About us?!

“Judging by time…. they’ll arrive about…. now.”


True enough, I could already hear my mother’s cries in the hallway.

Right now, all I could think of was maybe – it was not a bad thing that I died at that time so I wouldn’t have to be in this nerve-wrenching situation.


My mother practically barged opened the door, and my eyes automatically closed tight when my father and the twins were also present.

I felt that it was not only me who was shocked when the atmosphere grew silent and tense.




Zoe’s high pitched voice flung my eyes open and darted towards their direction.

“Pretty Lady?!”

“Peacock girl?!”

Both Lawrence and Lance said at the same time and looked at each other in surprise.

“You are that boy.” Emery came into the picture and softly chimed in as well, adding to the already confusing state of affairs.

“Ah. Homeless lady?” Lance answered after he sized Emery up.

I felt my head spun at the scene playing in front of me.

What’s going on here?!

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