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Chapter 79: Blood




The agonizing cry of the bear echoed in the cave instead of my screams.


I gradually opened my eyes.


And there he was . . .


His back at me, but I knew it was him.


My tears fell in abandon when he briefly shot me a relief glanced.


Youre safe now,” was all he said.

He then gave all his attention to the bear whose eye was now bleeding.


Every part of me trembled when I noticed the gruesome three massive slashes on his back.


He probably took the hit that was supposed to end my life.


It will be over soon.”


He assured and sprinted towards the colossal bear, holding what seemed to be a knife in both hands.


My body and brain had long gone gave up on me, but my eyes refused to submit at the lure of the overwhelming exhaustion both physically and mentally. They were determined to stay open as they focused on Cain as if doing telepathy to help the man escape alive.


I ignored the strain and sting in my eyes as I stared without blinking at the incredible fight between two beasts.


Cain didnt seem to be human at all as he moved in the blink of an eye –– so fast, he was just blurs as he landed slashes after slashes on his opponent. One moment, he was in front of the gigantic bear, and the next, he was behind the creature.


He was like an unstoppable hurricane, trapping the animal inside a frenzy of attacks while all the helpless bear could do was roar in agony.


He was . . . incredible, rendering his opponent who was twice his size and twice his strength helpless against his blows.




The ground shook when the bear fell on the ground covered in blood, yet the terrifying beast was still breathing as it laid unmoving on the dirt as if it was paralyzed.


Every heavy breath of the bear was like a nail hammered on my heart before my eyes slid on Cains bloody face as he kneeled in front of me.


“. . . B-blood . . . B-blood . . .” I wanted to ask him if he was alright, but my brain was so alarmed at the sight of him covered in blood.


Shhhh . . . Its not mine . . . Im fine, Leanna.” Cain cupped my cheeks and rested his forehead on mine. An attempt to calm me.


Even though I studied martial arts and all that –– I was still a regular girl who froze at the sight of blood from someone I love.


Though I was strong, but facing this kind of situation, all my strength and courage were exhausted dry.


My brain continued to scream blood while my head hurt like crazy while my heart tightened, yet it was beating so hard.


Then all of a sudden, the mental and physical strain took over, and I lost consciousness in his arms.

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