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Chapter 78: Live

I tightly closed my eyes shut and bit hard on my tongue as the tears fell from my eyes.

Cain, I love you.

I’ve taken a mouthful of air and clenched my fists.


My eyes flung open from the agonizing screams of men.

My gaze flickered when those men, just a moment ago, holding me tightly, were now gone, and there stood a silver-haired piercingly cold woman.


Relief washed over me for someone came to my rescue at the last moment, not minding to ask how did the professor found me or what she was doing here.

Professor Vera turned in my direction and assisted me to get up. My eyes darted off towards the men laying on the ground coughing up blood.

“Let’s go.”

Professor Vera pulled out a knife and freed my hands.

She grabbed my wrist and began to dart off.

My brain was still relieved that help came while my body tried desperately to catch up with the sprinting woman. I have no energy left and felt battered all over, but the thought of being together with Cain again kept me going.

“Hold it!!”

Exhaustion caught up with me when we abruptly stop that I almost slumped to the ground if not for the leaned muscled man pointing a gun at us at point blank.


I heard the professor hissed, looking piercingly cold at the man in front of us.


*huff *sob

I didn’t know that I was panting and sobbing at the same time due to the helpless situation we were in. Then I heard footsteps behind us, and I knew that it came from those four men.

Oh God no!

“Leanna… when I say run, you run.” Professor Vera whispered.

“Stop whispering and let her go!” The one who was called Saber shouted out.



I didn’t know what happened next when the professor pushed me to the side that I almost stumbled if not for my body that desperately tried to save me as I unknowingly extended my leg to support myself.

I didn’t hesitate a moment longer as my legs sprinted towards the forest.

“Hold it!!”

“Fuck! After her!”

“None shall pass.”

The professor’s chilly voice was the last thing I heard.

Then I took a glance back when guns startled the entire forest and didn’t notice a little cliff in front of me.

I glided my way through a small dark hole while I desperately covered my head, protecting it from sharp twigs, thorny stems and wild shrubs that tried to stop my fall to no avail.

Four breathed a sigh of relief when she made it in time.

Thank the heavens that Leanna always wore the locket that her Young Master had given her.

Their R & D department recently found a new type of ore that possessed a characteristic that was undetectable from any x rays and scanning devices.

However, this new kind of rock corroded other metals and stones except for diamond. Thus, they planted the tracking device inside the diamond and coated it with this ore and then coated it again with diamonds.

When the prototype was finished, her Young Master immediately ordered a musical locket to be made for the young mistress. The development alone was enough to buy an entire island.

That was how much the Young Master treasured the young miss.

Too much that it was overwhelming.

Even now, her Young Master ordered for her not to kill these men and be brought to him alive.

She mockingly smirked as she ready herself to fight the five men.


Russell cursed when the signal disappeared. Something must have happened to the locket.

“Young Master, this is where we lost track of young miss.”

Cain didn’t leave his eyes on the ground. His constricted pupils were frantically searching for Leanna.

“Lower the chopper.” Was all he said.

When the chopper was just meters above the dense forest, he stood up and jumped out without a second thought.

“Young Master!”

Cain was not afraid jumping off ten meters into the ground, he was more fearful that he wouldn’t make it in time.

He tried to shook away the uneasy feeling that he might be too late.

The trees broke off his fall as he grabbed one of the branches that landed on his hand. He swung his body from branches to branches until his feet landed safely on the ground.

He paused and closed his eyes.



He opened his eyes and dashed off towards that faint but familiar soothing sound and found the locket with the pink ring dangling at a twig on a cliff, leading to a small hole.



My eyes heavily opened when dropped after dropped of cold water woke me up.


I groaned when I tried to move my battered body and felt a gut-splitting pain on my right leg.


I hissed. My voice quivered when I couldn’t move it as the pain sent jolt after jolt of sting. I knew that my ankle must have dislocated from the fall.

I forced my eyes to adjust to the darkness.

I found myself in an underground cave with the only light coming from a small hole above where I fell earlier.

“Professor!” I shouted.

But only the echoing of my voice, and a low, angry growl answered me back.

I gasped and held my mouth to stop my cries when I saw an angry savage gigantic bear, baring its sharp teeth and slimy drool, making its way towards me.

When it rains, it pours. I was out in the frying pan and went straight to the fire.

I forced my lump body to crawl away from it, hoping to hide my presence at the corner of the cave.

But my effort was useless as the bear inched closer and closer towards me.

I tried hard to position myself to sit, my back was resting against the cold hard rock as I ready myself to face my approaching doom.

My consciousness almost failed me when the bear, who was now just a meter away from me, began to stood up with his dominating towering height, exerting his supremacy. The scary creature raised his big paws, his sharp claws ready to rip me apart.

I closed my eyes.

This time, I was done for. There was no escaping my fate.

Please, let everyone I love live a happy life.

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