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Chapter 77: I'm Sorry


I regained consciousness from all the noises. I was about to open my eyes but found that I couldnt move my body. Something was tying my hands behind my back.


My brain did a swift ran through of information and warned me that I was in a severe predicament. I heard noises coming from men. I took a quick peek and spot four ragged men hurdled together, arguing about something. Not far from them, there was a tall, lean man sitting on a tree root, looking at his phone.


It didnt take a genius to realize I got kidnapped.



My mind froze while my heart panicked. This was the first time that I was in this kind of predicament. Never in my wildest dreams that I would find myself in this situation.




Calm made its way into my system as the cold mans face flashed in my mind. I formulated plans on how to escape. I didnt know if it was luck, negligence, or that they were underestimating me and left my legs unbound.


Clearly, they didnt plan to kill me –– yet.


Is this a kidnap for ransom?


I hope it was and nothing more.


But to my horror, I heard them arguing on who to do me first.


My body turned limp as fear took hold of my limbs. Without thinking, I shot to my feet and dashed with all my strength.


The fuck?!


After her!


I ran and ran until there was no air left in my lungs. I didnt know how many times I stumbled and fell –– face first.


Running with your hands tied behind your back proved to be a difficult ordeal. But even so, the will to preserve my dignity became a powerful source of energy that kept me going.


My mind blanked out when, even after all the running, I still found myself surrounded by the same men. One of them crept behind me, circling his disgusting hands on my waist.




I screamed as far as my voice could scream as I struggled from his hold. My head hurled back and it smacked straight on the mans nose. He released me from the shock as he howled in pain.






A resounding slap boomed through the dense forest.


My brain must have shaken inside my head for everything turned dark as I hit the ground. My vision was hazy while the numbing pain in my cheek kept me conscious. I tasted the blood on my busted lips, and hot thick liquid dripped from my nose.


Augh . . .”


They took advantage of my weakened state and started their assault.


Let go!


I screamed despite the pain when one of them straddled me while the others tried to hold my kicking legs.


Shut up!


I gasped when another slap numbed my skull. The ringing in my ears made me dizzy and nauseous.


All of them just laughed while I continued to struggle from their hold and fight to stay conscious.


They were stronger than me, and not before long, they managed to pin my legs on the ground, and I was helpless to stop them.




My mind screamed to bit my tongue to death when the man on top of me ripped my shirt, exposing my bra and the musical locket together with the pink diamond ring as it dangled on my neck.




With a body like this, you must be seducing every man left and right.”


They all laughed.


The one who straddled me wiped off the drool on his mouth while his lustful eyes ogled at my heaving breasts.


I bit my tongue. Id already made up my mind.


Cain, Im sorry. If Im given another chance, I wish to meet you all over again.

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