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Chapter 76: Cheated

“What are you doing here? Where’s Leanna?”

Four walked towards Eight and Thirteen. She was called by the teachers to discussed something, and reluctantly left Leanna at the hands of these two.

“Four, Leanna is still inside that store. Don’t worry, she’s together with little young miss Estela.” Thirteen gestured to a well-kept store just across the narrow street that sells snacks and other items.

Four stared daggers at the two.

“Didn’t I tell you to not lose your eyes on her.” She didn’t let the two women retort back as she hurriedly crossed the tapered street and entered the store.

She immediately saw little young miss together with Zoe arguing about something while holding different snacks in their hands. She roamed her gaze and felt her heart tightened when she couldn’t find Leanna anywhere.

“Where’s Leanna?” She asked the two bickering girls.

“She’s at the counter.” Estela didn’t even glance at Four as she continued to argue with Zoe about their favorite flavors.

Four immediately ran towards the counter and found it desolate and empty.

She brought out her phone and entered a code.

Leanna’s tracking device was moving.


She ran towards the narrow street, not minding the curious glances thrown at her.

She didn’t know if it was luck at work or heaven’s helping hand that a motorbike just happened to stumble her view.

Since it was a green signal, the motorbike ran fast. She immediately grabbed the handle when the motorbike zoomed in front of her. The opposing force caused the rider to lose his grip and landed on the ground.

She immediately let her body twirled in the air when the motorbike flung before extending her leg to support herself when the motorcycle bounced to the ground.

“Four, what’s going on?”

“Contact Young Master!” Was all she said before she accelerated the motorbike to max.

“Estela, what’s going on?” Zoe didn’t hide the panic that slowly crept in when she saw Estela’s pale face.

Estela ignored Zoe and immediately dialed her brother’s number.

“Brother! Leanna’s been kidnapped.” She whispered as to try not to attract any attention, yet her voice quaked as her heart wanted to beat out from her chest.

I was right there, but I didn’t notice… If something happens to her… I can’t face my brother anymore.

“Get ready the chopper. Contact the government not to let anyone leave the island.”

Russell nodded and hurriedly did all his Young Master’s orders without wasting any more time.

He knew that face and aura in the past. He thought that he would never see it again. That calm dead eyes that were brewing storms and that dark, chilling air that was about to freeze the whole world.

It could only mean one thing – his young master is going to kill someone.

Saber looked at the pretty girl lying unconscious at the bundle of leaves while just meters away from her, four men huddled together arguing who was going to be first to fuck her.

He closed his eyes and shook his head, trying to get off that uncomfortable feeling he was having.

When they were in the van and on their way to a secluded forest, he called the young miss of the Goldwood as planned.

He didn’t hide his surprise when the young miss ordered him to scan any tracking device on the pretty girl.

He felt cheated because clearly, the young miss Goldwood made it look like that the girl was just an ordinary country bumpkin that had done something unforgivable towards her.

But it turned out; there was something more to this than that!

Damn rotten spoiled rich kid!

It was too late now, so he did as she commanded.

He always had a scanning device on him since it was necessary for his trade but he never used it on the pretty girl because he thought that she was just an ordinary woman.

He was not ignorant to the faces of high society because of his trade. He made sure to be extra careful not to aggravate someone belonging to the rich and powerful.

The pretty girl’s face was foreign to him, so he thought she was just from a not well-known family.

Now, he felt unsure when he scanned and found a tracking device on her watch. Clearly, she was not just any typical girl that someone put a tracking device on her.

She must be important.


He should have checked the girl’s information first before he acted.

Thinking it was too late now, he immediately commanded one of them to led the tracking device to the opposite direction.

Too late to back out now.

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