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Chapter 75: Trap

Saber looked bored staring at the pretty girl together with her two other charming friends, enjoying picking out souvenirs at his shop.

Of course, the shop was not actually his. He just… ‘took over’ for a while.

Leanna Lee.

He didn’t understand why the young miss Goldwood wanted her raped and be animal fodder in the wilds.

I can just kill her and be done and over with it.

But the Goldwood young miss strictly said not to kill her – yet.

She should be shamed and tortured before becoming animal food.

He couldn’t fathom how the Goldwood’s young miss could be this cruel to a pretty innocent looking girl.

Well, not my problem.

He didn’t like raping women, as much as possible, he wanted women and children to have a painless death. If not for him needing a hefty amount of money to pay off his gambling debts, he wouldn’t take the job.

Since he couldn’t bring himself to rape women, the Goldwood’s young miss hired more others like him to do the work.

He sighed.

I don’t know who you are, but this is nothing personal. Blame your luck that you manage to infuriate one of the richest in the world.

Usually, he would do a background check of all his victims, but since it was an abrupt assignment and the Goldwood’s young miss specifically placed the request, he didn’t bother anymore since he was confident that the Goldwood’s have his back.

The world’s richest usually respected one another and made sure to stay at an arm’s length at each other’s business, so he was confident that this Leanna Lee didn’t belong to high society given that she was targeted by the Goodwood’s.

Only if he knew that the Fay’s have Leanna Lee’s back, he wouldn’t even dream of harming a single hair on her, even if the Goldwood’s would offer him their whole fortune.

“Oh~ this looks yummy. I wonder if Zhander will like this? What do you think, Leanna?”

Estela dangled a chocolate coated snack in front of us.

“I think Zhander will love anything you’ll bought him. Anyway, do you think Cain will like this?” It was my turn to grabbed a whole box of differently flavored snacks.

“My brother will love anything you give him,” Estela repeated what I just said.

Zoe rolled her eyes and took a flavored peach biscuit.

“Zoe, do you think you’ll like this? Well, yes. I will love anything you’ll bought for me, myself.”

“Oh~ you don’t have to be so jealous. Help me find something that Zhander will love.” Estela turned towards the snacks while Zoe began to point out snacks that she loves instead.

“I’ll just go and pay this to the counter,” I excused and walked towards the inner corner of the room.

There were other students here buying souvenirs and exotic snacks. I also saw Emery carrying mountains of food as she lost herself in her own world.

But oddly enough, there was no one near the five-meter radius of the counter.

I unconsciously walked and made my way towards the deserted table. I was focused on the empty desk that I didn’t notice a man hiding beside the stall.

I felt a prick on my neck and the next thing I knew, I was losing consciousness unable to utter a sound and fell into the man’s arms.

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