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Chapter 74: Seducing

Cain carefully poured the milk honey bubble bath into the lukewarm water.

He bought this specially crafted scented bubble bath from a renowned perfumer. The scent was proven to relax and soothe tired muscles as well as a secret aphrodisiac that invigorated sexual desires.

He smirked.

This was supposed to be reserved for their marriage, but ever since he found out that he could do all these naughty things to his wife without breaking the last step, he had been accumulating dirty plans for them to try out while making sure that he was still within the boundary of his vows.

Ever since his lust and desire slept in his puberty days and suddenly awoken when he met her, it was determined to make him feel that sweet torturous agony and frustration of the intoxicating pleasure of wanting to make love to her that he lost track of how many times it had been that he was on the borderline of his sanity.

But then, he realized, he could still have his way with her without actually taking her.

When Leanna got back from her tree planting activities, he hurriedly welcomed her with a kiss and went straight to the bathroom to ready the bath for them.

I can finally have her for myself.

He planned to have a bath with her. Of course, that was still within the range of his promise, but it was not his fault if ‘accidental’ groping and touching here and there would come into play. After all, the bathtub was small.

He hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt and almost ripped the darn thing off. He unbuckled his belt and removed his pants together with his boxer and briefs.

Then he put on a robe.

He brushed his teeth and gargled a mint-scented mouthwash. After making sure that even his saliva tasted like mint, he applied a lemon and honey faced foam that would wake any woman’s desire at the refreshing scent and began to carefully but hurriedly shaved. Then he wet and fixed his hair.

He was like a woman that was about to seduce his husband.

Satisfied, he walked out from the bathroom, emanating with desire and sexiness, ready to seduce his wife – only to find the heartless vixen snoring dead tired on the bed.



Wake her up!

His devil whispered to him.


His angel immediately protested.

…. At least wait for a minute before waking her up.



He sighed and shook them away from his head as he quietly walked towards his wife.

He sat beside her and lovingly stared at her tired face. He tucked some falling hairs behind her ears and gently caressed her cheek. He didn’t notice that he was already smiling while his whole person radiated warmth just by staring at her sleeping form.

He got up and walked towards the bathroom, then he returned holding a towel and a bucket of warm water. He carefully removed piece after piece of her clothing until she was completely naked.

He tightly closed his eyes when he felt his cock hardened, ready for some action – only to twitched in disappointment when he took deep breathes to calm himself.

Her body always never failed to arouse the beast inside of him!

When he somewhat regained control, he started to gently wiped her body – making sure to groped and massaged here and there while he was at it causing for his already hardened penis to throbbed some more as it occasionally spurted pre cum from its swollen tip.

It was not until that Leanna sneezed and shivered that he immediately finished wiping off her entire body and naughtily just put his oversize shirt on her.

He covered her with a blanket and tucked her in comfortably. He kissed her forehead and lovingly stared at her some more before he made his way towards the bathroom to release himself.

The bathroom became like a second home to him ever since she came into his life. He even thought to move his office in the bathroom by how many times he jerked himself just by imagining her.

He was like a hormonal teenager!

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  1. I love how hopeful he was and how his lustful dreams immediately got crushed 😂

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