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Chapter 73: The Marks

“Forgive me, ma’ lady. I haven’t thought that–!”


Holley didn’t even glance at the kowtowing young woman behind her. Her gazed focused on the horizon outside the window of her room.

“I somehow expected that to happen. Now we know that Cain Fay himself protects that bitch.” Holley grinded her teeth and balled her fingers into fists, trying hard to shook off the memory of Cain embracing Leanna protectively a while ago.

She closed her eyes and took deep breathes to calm herself.

“Contact Saber. Have him proceed with the plans for tomorrow.”

The young woman gasped and abruptly raised her head, trying to discern if her lady was joking.

Saber was one of the top guns for hire in the United States. The best man for assassination and kidnapping. It was rumored that he never failed a mission. But it would cost you limbs to hire this notorious merc.


The young woman bowed and hurriedly left the room.

Holley stared at the horizon with dead eyes. They already lost its shine the moment Cain broke off their engagement.

She maybe a spoiled rich pampered Princess and had always got whatever she wanted, but she would never have guess that she was capable of harming or even murder someone just because of uncontrollable hatred and jealousy.

She couldn’t handle nor coped with all the negative energy inside her since she never experienced these kind of emotions before. She never suffered hardships in her entire life. Everything she wanted were served to her on golden platters.

“Leanna Lee… I’ll make sure that your corpse won’t ever be found.”

“Young Master… What happened to your face?”

Russell finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked the cold man who was sitting cross-legged in front of him, leisurely drinking tea. The man’s ice sculptured face had a red mark of five fingers on his right cheek.

They were currently at the reserved garden spot for VIP having their breakfast at Artem University’s owned Hotel.

Cain placed down his cup as he twitched his lips into a smug smirked. He closed his eyes and gently caressed his red right cheek, remembering his wife’s angry face.

She’s absolutely adorable when she’s angry.

“It’s a slap of love from my wife.”

Pft! *cough! *cough!”

Russell spilled his coffee and immediately placed the cup down as he grabbed a tissue to wiped his mouth while desperately trying to control his breathing to stop his coughing.

After much time, Russell looked at the now pink rays shining on his Young Master while flowers began to sprout and strumming guitars slowly beat the atmosphere to life.

The cold man continued to touch his red cheek while smiling like a love-struck deluded fool.

“Mmm… My wife slapped me because she loves me.” Cain slowly nodded as if reassuring himself.

Russell thought that he knew how his Young Master thinks, but right now, he couldn’t discern how a slap became a gesture of love.

Young Master, that’s an angry slap.

“Hi, Leanna. I love your hair by the way.”

“Hello there, my name’s Katherine from class B. I got to say, I love your shirt.”

I awkwardly smiled at the girl with short red hair when she smiled at me that almost ripped her face off.

I didn’t know how many times it had been that I was approached by so many of my schoolmates trying to be friendly with me. Since breakfast, from the bus all the way to the hike into the forest to plant trees, they have been complementing me nonstop.

I hurriedly went to Estela and Zoe’s side and gave them each a shovel so we could start planting our trees.

“Why are they suddenly trying so hard to befriend me?”

Honestly, I thought that after what happened this morning, they would all mockingly look at me or would start a new rumor about me.

But all I had seen were envy and jealous stares. Some even have this awestruck face looking at me as if I had accomplished something that no mortal ever achieved.

“Now that they saw with their own eyes that you and Cain Fay are going out, they’re trying to rub on your good side. You know, for fame or other hidden agendas – but anyway….” Zoe finished planting her tree and turned to stare at the handkerchief on my wrists.

“What are you hiding there?” She teased.

Automatic, my hands clasped behind my back – hiding my wrists from her scrutinizing view.


Zoe just smirked and nodded her head.

Out of nowhere, my two hands were suddenly raised making me bent my body downwards.

“Hey! What are you doing?!! Stop it!”

I tried to wiggle myself free from Estela’s tight grip on my hands, but the small girl had so much strength that I didn’t understand where she got from.

“Tehehehehe! Don’t resist, Leanna. It will be over in a jiffy!”

Estela raised my hand some more that I couldn’t help but winced in pain while Zoe hurriedly untied the handkerchiefs, exposing the purple marks on my wrists.


“Oh my… Brother sure is savage!” Estela’s eyes sparkled as she released me.

I snapped at them and tried to grab my handkerchiefs back.

“Wow! Leanna, you sure know how to make someone infuriate with jealousy!” Zoe passed the handkerchiefs to Estela when I darted off towards her ready to wrestle her down.


“Catch me if you can!”

Estela sprinted off towards the crowd as she dangled my handkerchiefs in the air, grabbing everyone’s attention, specifically on my wrists.

I couldn’t believe how this pair of brother and sister could be so……


“Estela come back here!”

I zoomed towards her and Zoe ran after us.

The whole afternoon, the supposed to be planting trees turned into a game of tag and hide and seek.

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