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Chapter 72: Demon

Everyone stared at the man beside me, seating cross-legged, leaning on the armrest with one hand holding his head like a bored King watching an amusing play before his eyes. His other hand kept mine in a tight gripped, refusing to let me escape from his side, from this terrible, terrible situation that we were in.

Cain had already seated himself while leading me to stood beside him, yet the crowds and the professor remained stunned in front of the door, unsure of what just happened.

“I’ll give you a minute to search.”

Cain’s chilly voice snapped them out of their trance and immediately, the onlookers’ eyes, full of hate and jealousy, made its way towards me while Zoe and Estela giggled as they teased me with their knowing eyes.

“M-Mr. Fay… W-what are you doing here…? D-don’t you know that it’s f-forbidden for you to be here… i-in o-one of the s-students’ room?” Professor Ingrid forced the words out from her trembling mouth.

“What? T-that’s Cain Fay?”

“Oh my God! THE Cain Fay?!”

“He’s more handsome in person.”

“So it’s true that he and Leanna Lee are going out?”

Whispers filled the room, but I turned deaf and devoid of feelings at the moment as my brain still hadn’t register the whole situation.

Cain looked at the skinny old woman coldly.

So cold that it could probably froze hell.

Professor Ingrid’s legs began to shook as she grabbed the door frame for support.

“Forbidden? Leanna Lee is my fiancée. You can say that we are already family. Is it forbidden to stay together in the room of your family?”


The whole room began to spin as different emotions battled in the air.

I kept my eyes steady on the ground to make sure that I was maintaining my balance since any moment now, I would just drop dead on the floor.


“You have thirty seconds left.” Cain tilted his head and smirked at the shaking old woman.

The professor absentmindedly let herself in and walked automatically towards my suitcase like she already knew where to search.



“I-impossible….” The professor silently whispered when she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

“Times up.” Cain stood, and the crowds’ legs began to wobble from the oppresive air surrounding him.


The professor immediately scurried out of the room with both eyes on the ground afraid to even take a glimpse at the demonic man beside me.

“Leanna, will see you at breakfast!” Zoe and Estela winked at me before Cain closed the door.



“Now, no one will disturb us.”

Cain closed the distance between him and my daze self. He gently caressed my face before he leaned closer towards me and blew hot air in my ear.

“Why don’t you skip that boring activity of yours….,” he whispered enticingly, then his naughty hands slowly inched its way from my shoulders down to my breasts.

“Be with me.” He commanded.

He groped my breasts and wickedly grinned at me.

“Let’s do fun things instead.” He huskily murmured, enticing me to submit to him.


I inhaled a mouthful of air and raised my hand.


Then I stormed off into the bathroom, feeling annoyed.

Then I found little Pluffy whimpering nonstop inside the bathtub, unable to leave.

That demon!

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