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Chapter 71: Busted!




I woke up from noises and footsteps of people in the hallway.

I sat up half asleep and glanced at the sleeping man beside me.

Arf! Arf!


I placed my fingers in front of my mouth to gesture little Pluffy to be quiet which the furball just sat and tilted his puffy head to the side, wagging his tail.

I was not that surprise that the cold man moved into my room yesterday night while carrying little furball in his arms.

I glanced at the bedside clock.

[6:04 am]

Breakfast starts at seven, and we would head out for the tree planting at nine.

I gently shook the sleeping man beside me.

“Cain… you should go back to your room.”

Even though Artem University owned this hotel, it was still open for tourists.


Cain pulled me into his embrace and my face smacked hard on his broad chest.

“Cain…. wake u-argh!”

Cain turned me around and pressed me against him before he kissed me hungrily. All fight left me when he pushed his bulging erection against my sex, moving his hips in a slow rocking motion. Instantly, my hips met his in every thrusts while moans escaped my lips when he grinded his hardened cock against my wetness beneath our clothes.



My head automatically shifted towards the door, and little Pluffy gave out a low warning growl signaling that the one who was knocking – was not a friend.

I pushed Cain and stood up while I remained fixated on the door unsure of what to do.

Then my bulging eyes turned towards the laid back man.

“Hide. Quick.”

I hissed and grabbed little Pluffy and shoved them both into the bathroom.

“Be quiet.” I warned and closed the door.

I quickly fixed myself and put on my robe completely ignoring the fact that I was only wearing Cain’s oversize shirt underneath the robe, hiding the purple marks on my wrists and hickeys on my neck before I opened the door.

This is not happening!!

It was like one of those thrilling movies playing out in front of me where your parents were about to know that you were hiding a man in your bedroom.

That was what I feel right now when I saw that Ingrid, the music teacher, was in front of my door together with not just one but a whole group of students.

What the hell is this?!

I immediately spotted Zoe and Estela among the crowds with a teasing look on their faces. Their eyes were prying that small gap between the door and myself, trying to find something.

“What’s going on?” I asked, shifting my eyes between them and the crowds in front of me.

“Miss Lee, miss Goldwood reportedly lost her necklace at the indoor spring yesterday night and hadn’t found a trace of it.” Professor Ingrid answered and leveled her eyeglasses trying to look strict. “Since only the students of Artem were present at the spring yesterday night, we are currently in the middle of interrogating each one of them, and yours is next in line on the list.”

My eyes automatically flew at the pretty Holley Goldwood who looked all teary eyes while Nixon was holding her in his arms, his face accusingly staring at me.

“I haven’t seen it.”

My hand automatically flew towards the door frame, blocking anyone in.

“Can we come inside and have a look at your things?” professor Ingrid flung her eyes on my hand that was blocking the entrance.

“I already said that I didn’t see it.” Panic crept in me for I knew what they were about to do.

I was not exactly afraid that they would find Holley’s necklace or whatever it was inside my room, but instead, more scared that they would find out that a man was hiding in my bathroom!

“Professor… I-it’s alright… Leanna said that she didn’t see it… And… I’ve already caused enough trouble for everyone.” Holley looked all apologetic as she pleaded with the professor which made the crowds entirely sympathetic towards her.

“Holley, what are you saying? You said that necklace is worth a fortune.” The professor stared at me, this time, with angry eyes. “Miss Lee, we already conducted searches in other rooms as well. If you have nothing to hide, I suggest you let us through.”

Damn it!

I was practically paralyzed in place now, covered in cold sweat as my stomach churned uncontrollably in nervousness.

No matter what I choose, this was a dead end. If I chose not to let them in, they would label me as a thief. But, if I chose to let them in….

They’ll found out that Cain is here in my room!

I had to convince them to leave no matter what. I didn’t care if they labeled me as a thief as long as they wouldn’t find out that I was hiding my lover in my room.

I was about to say leave when gasps after gasps resounded. The crowds’ eyes widened as their jaws drop, looking at me.



He’s right behind me, isn’t he?

Warm, strong hands circled its way around my waist, pulling me closer in a possessive embrace.

Even without seeing his face, I knew that he was looking down on everyone with constricted pupils, letting everyone know that I belong to him.

*sigh…… I wish the ground will crumble and swallow me whole.

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