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Why are you crying?


 Zhander patted me on the head.


My two chubby little hands covered my eyes so he wouldnt see my tears.


I was squatting at the corner of our garden, crying nonstop until he disturbed my alone time.


M-my b-brother . . . H-he . . . poison . . . *hic . . .


Zhander crouched and coaxed, “Your brother will be fine. He was found in time.”


He then poked my cheek.


Hey, if your brother knows youre crying like this, hell be worried about you, and it might affect his recovery.”


I stopped crying and raised my head, looking at him with teary eyes.


Zhander was smiling. It wasnt a smile my brother usually gave me nor my parents nor my friends nor anyone else for that matter.


No . . .


I didnt understand it at first.


Come on. Im sure Cain is worried about you. Storming off like that.” He stood and extended his hand at me.


I didnt grab it. I didnt know why, but I didnt want him to see me in my vulnerable state.


I thought he would leave, but instead, he carried me into his arms like I weighed nothing when I didnt accept his opened palm.


Lets go back.”


He chuckled when I pouted at him.


Hes treating me like a kid!


Well, I am a kid. Nine years old.


Zhander was sixteen, so he was a lot taller and a lot manlier and handsome while I was chubby, little, and childish.


At that time. In his arms –– all I ever thought was to grow faster.

Happy birthday, little Stela.”


Zhander gave me a big box wrapped in rainbow-pony designs complete with large ribbons.


I restrained from throwing the box on his face.


I knew what it was –– a dollhouse.


Was that the type of present you give to a fourteen-year-old lady? I wonder.


Thank you~.”


And this is from me.”


Saoirse, Zhanders latest girlfriend, beamed a plastic smile.


Thanks~! I said and turned to Zhander. I dont like her.”


Was all I said before I smiled my sweetest at Saoirse and left them there to greet the other guests.


It was not the first.


I didnt know how many times that Zhander introduced me to his girlfriends. I didnt understand why he did that. But every time he did, I slapped my disdain and disapproval on their faces.

W-what? Break up?!


I stopped on my tracks.


I wanted to get some fresh air, so I went into our garden, and this scene was playing in front of me.


You heard me.”


W-what did I do wrong? Weve only gotten together for a month, and everything was fine!


I lost interest.”


Saoirse was taken aback. Tears rolled on her cheeks.


Zhander,” I called.


I didnt want these kinds of scene to progress any further on my birthday.


Saoirse ran towards me, bumping her body against mine and shot me a spiteful glare before she disappeared.


Whats her problem?


I didnt mind.


Oddly, I knew she and Zhander would break up.


I wonder why I think that is? Could I predict the future?


I giggled.


Little Stela, why are you here?


Before I knew it, Zhander was already in front of me. He bent his body, so his eyes were leveled with mine.


Getting some air~. Why did you break up~?


Zhander smiled and patted my head.


Again, whats with that smile?


Youre too young to understand.”


I shifted my head away from his palm and pouted.


Im already fourteen. Im already a lady!




We turned towards that sound. Lily Fay, my mother, was snickering at the corner while taking pictures of us.


I arched an eyebrow at her.


Mom, you do know that we can see you, right?




My mother just laughed and approached us.


Zhander, your grandfather is looking for you. Time for you to go home,” she said.


Zhanders face turned formal. He said his goodbyes with all respect before he walked out of the garden.


I didnt know why I was annoyed at my mother at this very moment.


I snapped at her, giving her a piece of my mind.


She just beamed, unaffected by my scary glares. “Dont be mad at me. Here, Ill give you this,” she cooed, handing me her phone.


On the screen was Zhander and me, captured moments ago. I stared on the screen and zoomed on our faces.


Why is Zhanders eyes and mine have the same spark?


I didnt remember that I smiled at him.


Why is his smile almost the same as mine?


I wonder.


Ohohoho, say the magic words, honey. I can have you and Zhander marry each other.”




I look at my mother, bewildered.


My mother laughed knowingly.


Havent you realize it yet? You and Zhander are in love!

Little Stela, why did you call me in the middle of the night?


I hesitated. Didnt know where to begin.


Little Stela?


I took a deep breath.




. . .


. . .




I took a deep breath.




. . .


. . .


Zhander chuckled


I love you too.”


My heart stopped. My lips spread in a wide grin. My whole body radiated happiness that I was literally hopping from joy.


You mean it?! I said, almost shouting.


Zhander stifled a laugh as he replied, “Of course I love you. Youre like a little sister to me.”


. . .


. . .


Ohhhh~ it is sooooo on!

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