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Chapter 9: My Babies


Eh? Hawaii?


I blinked.


My brain already imagined my brother in his shorts and, more importantly –– Zhander with nothing on but his underwear.


I want to go!


Ill wait for you in the lobby in an hour.”


Uhmm . . . Is it alright if . . . Zhander come?


“. . .”


“. . .”

I see . . .”


I shivered at my brothers two words reply.


I knew he knew I was already going out with Zhander.


Alright . . .”


Was all he said before he ended the call.


I ignored the chill in my bones at my brothers sinister alright and dialed Zhanders number.


Little Stella . . . ? You do know its only two in the morning, right?


I tried to stop the moans threatening to escape when I clenched so hard at Zhanders groggy voice. Clearly, he just woke up and still sleepy.


Zhander! Lets go to Hawaii!


“. . .”




I sensed Zhander was shocked awake by now.


I thought you wanted to go to an amusement park today for our first date?


Well . . . you know~ your naked body excites me more.”


Zhander chuckled. As usual, he didnt take me seriously.


Alright, Ill pick you up later then.”


I bit my lower lip and acted all cute as if he was in front of me.


Actually . . . I wanted to go now together with my brother. You know, to Sophia Collins debut.”


. . .


. . .


Alright, lets compromise . . . Ill be there in an hour, but you have to go with me.”


Yes! Thank you!


I hopped around in excitement when we ended the call.


I sprinted towards my closet and typed a secret code that opened a hidden compartment that hid all my weaponized clothes for seducing Zhander.


I pulled out a slingshot G string swimsuit that only covered the nipples and private parts, and smirked.

Tehehehehe. I can now make use of you, my babies.

I checked my appearance some more in front of the full-length mirror. I was wearing a white sweetheart-neck sleeveless top paired with short jeans and flip-flops.


Satisfied, I grabbed my duffle bag and stormed down to the lobby where Zhander was waiting.


I expected kisses and intimate hugs as greetings. Thus, I was surprised to find Zhander on the floor while my brother, with his overbearing aura, was standing in front of him.




I ran towards his direction and kneeled near him. I was pained when I saw the bruise on his left cheek and the blood dripping out from his beautiful nose. I snapped at my brother, narrowing my eyes at him –– ready to wage war.


However, before I could even attack, my brother snorted and said, Ride with him. He needs someone to apply ice on his face.”


He then strode towards his car and drove off.


. . .


. . .


It didnt escape my notice that it was my brothers way of telling me, he approved of Zhander and me going out.


But does he have to punch Zhanders face?


Im sorry . . . ,” I said as I assisted Zhander on his feet.


Zhander just puffed a laughed.


Dont worry. I deserve this.”

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