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Chapter 8: …with a Kiss

“Little Stela… treating you like a little sister for so many years. I can’t promise you that I’ll treat you like a girlfriend right away… But, I can promise you… I will love you from now on as a woman… as Estela Fay……”

My lips quivered, trying to hold in a cry while my body didn’t restrain itself. My hands embraced Zhander’s head, leading it to rest against my soft breasts.

“Oh, Zhander!! I love you!! I love you so much!!”

“I love you too……” Zhander helplessly said as he circled his arms around my waist.



I released his head and cupped his cheeks to meet his gaze.

“Zhander, let’s seal our love with a kiss!”

The thought instantly excites me, not minding that Zhander’s face gradually turned awkward.

I closed my eyes and puckered my lips, edging it forward towards him.

I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited for this day to come!

I’d always imagined this scene a thousand times every day in the past years to the point that I hammered my morals into dust when it got between me and my lewd fantasies.

Seconds felt like an eternity when I waited for his lips to touch mine.

I was about to open my eyes when a warm, moist, soft lips grazed my forehead.

Instantly, my eyes flung open and shot daggers towards Zhander.

“What was that?” I confronted.

“A-a kiss.”

Zhander covered his lips with his fingers like it had been burned. His eyes were desperately trying to avoid mine while his cheeks blossomed red in embarrassment.

This was the first time that I ever saw him being shy. I would have squeal non-stop from the cuteness in front of me, but I was feeling defiled at the moment.

“No. That was not a kiss. A kiss is when you lick, bite, nibble and suck the lips then after teasing it, you parted the lips with your tongue and plunged your tongue inside to explore the wetness within as your tongue battle each other out in a wild frenzy while you’re both choking with each other’s saliva.”

Zhander’s face turned even redder as he stared at me in disbelief.

“L-little Stela….w-who told you that?”

“What?! I’m seventeen years old. Do you think that rainbows, ponies, and dollhouses will come out from my mouth?”

After a moment, Zhander chuckled as he embraced me tightly. He led my head to rest against his warm, broad chest as he inhaled my hair and gently caressed it.

“Little Stela… Let’s take it slow… You’re still too young.”

Slow?! Like how slow?! Like an hour slow?! Or like a day slow?!” I didn’t hide the anxiousness in my voice.

“How about you finish college first. Until then, let’s keep our relationship wholesome. Let’s not go beyond holding hands and hugging. Kissing is also acceptable as long as it doesn’t involve the tongue.”





I could feel another negative energy forming inside me.

Ohhh~ Zhander. I swear, this sweet torturous feeling will be returned to you a hundred folds. Tehehehehe!

Zhander shivered when he felt a dark obsessives air preyed upon him.

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