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Chapter 7: It all Started...


Zhander was taken aback but quickly regained his bearing.


He then embraced me tight with the same intensity.


“. . .”


“. . .”


Little Stela, Im sorry . . .”


Zhander released me and gently wiped away the tears in my eyes.


I shook my head and stared at him with so much love, hands tightly gripping his shirt.

Id already written down a script and practiced it numerous times, waiting for the day that Zhander would finally confess to me.


But now –– all of it didnt matter anymore.


Like bubbles, popped and gone.


Little Stela . . . Im sorry . . . If you let me, I want to explain everything to you.”


I was overwhelmed with so many emotions that all I could do was nod my head.


Zhander led me to sat on the sofa, my fingers still gripping his shirt, afraid he would disappear like all of this was just my mind playing tricks on me.


I almost squeal when Zhander went down on his knees, so our eyes leveled. Maybe he did it so my neck wouldnt strain at looking at him. He was a tall man, after all. A little taller than my brother in his six feet five inches height, and me being petite and small in my five feet two inches dwarf-like stature.


Little Stela . . . I want you to know where it all began.”


Zhander started. His hand cupped my hands, causing me to release his shirt. He placed my hands on top of my lap together with his while his eyes held mine in captive.


It was . . . How do you put it . . . Love at first sight? You were barely nine at that time when I first laid my eyes on you. But I didnt know what I was feeling. It was foreign to me. And mostly because I couldnt believe a chubby little girl could entice me.”


I chuckled, and he smiled as he gently caressed my cheek.


You were looking at Cain, full of adoration and worship, like all you see was him and no one else. At that moment, all I ever wanted was to become Cain . . . To become a brother to you so you could also give me that kind of look.”


So it started because of that?


I acted the part well, and it worked. I enjoyed your eyes looking at me full of love and adoration that I became addicted to it. Acting as a brother to you for so many years made me think what I felt for you was only natural . . . Until Leanna pointed it out to me.”


He laughed bitterly at himself.


Zhander gently cupped my cheeks as he stared intently into my eyes that made my whole world stopped, trying to freeze this moment.

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