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Chapter 5: Unlock

Trembling and nervous employees stood before the cold hard panel wooden door. Their body covered by layers and layers of cold sweet upon hearing the angry shouts and hisses reverberating inside their boss’s office.

“Y-you’re his secretary. Help us sign this for him.”

“D-do you want me to lose my job?! Can’t you see that he has been in a bad mood since morning?!”

They quieted down when the solid door opened and came out a ghostly pale, lifeless man. He didn’t even glance at them as he strode off staggering, holding with both hands bundles of red mark papers while he stumbled alone in the deserted corridor.

They gulped.

They could already see their future if they entered that gateway to hell entrance of their boss’s office.

“No one enters this room until you re-draft those papers incorporating those exact numbers! I want it on my table in less than an hour, or you can kiss your job goodbye! Got me!?” Zhander’s furious voice resounded before the door slammed shut.

The staffs all look at each other. Their eyes lifeless as their faces dejected as if someone had died.

Re-drafting and incorporating the exact numbers for an ongoing project and then submitting it in less than an hour?!!

That’s impossible!!

It was like he was telling them to lose their jobs altogether.

Why did our boss suddenly turn into a monster?

Zhander sighed and leaned on his leather chair while massaging his temples.

Since the time when Estela confessed to him, he had been on edge.

He was extremely happy, but that only made him even more confused.

Estela is like your sister! You can’t!

It was like something was guarding and locking his feelings for the girl making him unable to comprehend the whole situation. That was why he had been frustrated and angry since that time.

You’re just confused. The one you like is Leanna.

That’s right.


His mood somewhat brightened when he remembered their date later. He motioned for the phone and instructed the helicopter to leave in an hour.

He desperately tried to erase the image of Estela that continually popping out from his mind as he prepared himself to go to New Haven.

He stared intently at the pretty girl in front of him.

Leanna was just simply dress in her short white sleeve sweater and high black waist fitted slacks. But even so, the simple dress didn’t hide her alluring curves.

He could smell her scent.

Lemon and honey.

Soothing and relaxing.

He remembered Estela’s green apple scent. Just thinking about it calms him down.

Stop it!

He redirected his focus again at the pretty girl in front of him.

The attraction was still there. The excitement to know more about her was still there. The urged to make her his was still firmly there.

It was just that……

It was just that his heart, unlike the time when Estela confessed that made it erratically beat like it wanted to come out from his chest.

Now, however, watching the girl he supposed to like. His heart beat……


Like it was not one bit excited about meeting Leanna again.

Stop it! Get your game together!

It was a long while since the last time he saw the pretty lady. He tried to message and call her, but to no avail.

Must be Cain’s doing.

Honestly, he could have Cain beat up, but his Estela’s brother. Estela dearly loves Cain so much.

Again! Stop thinking about her!

He tried to focus his attention to his and Leanna’s conversation.

When she rejected him – again, all he felt was refusal to give up. Until the conversation turned into a confrontation when Leanna wanted him to choose between her and Estela.

His heart immediately jolted awake at the mention of Estela’s name.

He tightly closed his lips and guiltily avoided his gaze from Leanna’s teasing eyes when his heart screamed Estela’s name.

He changed the subject instead.

“Leanna, Estela is like a……. s-sister to me. I can’t choose between you or my…… f-family.” Finally, he lost his cool as his voice cracked.

“Maybe so… But the thing is, Zhander…… Estela is not your sister.”

……Estela is not your sister.

……is not your sister.

……..not your sister.

That’s right.

Estela was not his sister. She was not even related to him. But why did he still chose her from the girl he was supposed to be in love with?

It was like a key that unlocked so many emotions, feelings, and memories inside him. Making him realized that he was in love with Estela from day one.

But since he acted like a brother to her for so long – he thought his feelings for her was only natural!

Somewhere in him knew that most of the reason why he came to see Leanna was to re-affirm what he felt about her. He likes her. But he didn’t love her.

He had been pushing his feelings for Estela towards other girls since his mind was so convinced that what he felt towards Estela was just like that of a little sister.

He smiled bitterly at himself.

I have a lot of explaining to do.

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