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Chapter 48: Promised


Estela . . . youre so beautiful . . .”


Zhander murmured between kisses. His hand pinned my tied hands above my head while his other hand roamed every inch of my body until it settled on my breast.


Oh . . .”


I moaned when he squeezed and massaged my breast.


He paused and stared at me with a smug face.


You like that?


I bit my lip as my eyes watered when he pinched my nipple.


His eyes darkened, and I shivered at his devils smile.


Tehehehehe~! Ill let you have this round Zhander, but be prepared later.

He stared at me, staring at my every reaction, at every caress he made on my breasts.


His actions turned vicious at every moan I gave until he could no longer contain himself. He lowered his head and cupped my breast with his mouth.


Oh . . . !


I moaned in delight when his hot tongue started to do wonders on my nipple. It was a good thing that his entire focus was on my breasts, and didnt give much thought on my delighted moans.




My eyes bulged when he bit my nipple, but he soothed the swelling tip with his tongue as he sucked my slope without stopping, alternating between the two.


With just his mouth, he brought me to heaven.


I knew Zhander was good in bed, but I never imagined he was this good that I was moaning nonstop.


Nrgghhh . . . ,” he groaned when his fingers found my wetness.


I knew my sex was long gone flooded with pre-cum as I rubbed my thighs together, needing friction to release the ached.


Fuck . . . Im going crazy . . . Youre so wet . . . ,” he murmured, tone in agony.


He released my breasts when he found something more enticing to his pallet –– my wet aching core.


He grabbed my legs and rested it on his shoulders as I laid bare before him. I was a little embarrassed being stared at my nakedness at its raw, but also fulfilled at the sight of his wanting eyes.


Taking his time, he licked his way through my stomach down to my navel and to my steamy wet flesh.


Oohhh . . . !


I gasped when his hand unclasped my petals as his tongue licked each fold while his other hand was now on my breast, squeezing and massaging it, alternating between the two.


My pinned hands, although bound together, were now on Zhanders hair, pulling and grabbing for more.


Zhander . . . Oh, Zhander . . . m-more . . .”


I didnt expect that Zhanders technique and skills in bed were this good, I kind of . . . lost myself in the pleasure, and my true self spurted out.


Zhander stopped, and with a questioning gaze, he stared at me, prompting me for answers with his amethyst eyes.


Little Stela . . . are you . . . your memories . . . it returned?


N-no . . . ! L-let go!


I mastered all my acting skills, salvaging the situation. And of course, Zhander didnt buy it.


I groaned when he got off and went to my side, untying my hands. He then scooped me into his embrace and caressed my face with eyes a bit red.


This scene was so moving like it came out from a painting.


Only, I was flooding with negative emotions at the abrupt stop of pleasure. I think those negative emotions leaked out from me, unable to contain it anymore in my tiny body as I could practically see dark smog enveloping me.


Estela . . . Estela . . . I cant believe it . . . y-your memories . . . Your memories returned.”


Zhander said, voice thick with emotion. His face contorted in different expressions –– relief, happiness, love. Tears escaped from his eyes as he hugged me tight.


He murmured words of love and relief and whatnot. My shoulders were soaked with his weeping, but all I could do was frown, still not accepting that my blunder spoiled everything.


Zhander, can we continue now?


Zhander didnt budge as he lost himself in his emotions. It was not until the fourth call of his name that he finally released me and stared at my face.


I chuckled and wiped away the remaining tears in his eyes.


Zhander, Im fine now, so can we continue?

Zhander ignored me and spoke off-topic instead.


Little Stela, you dont know how worried I was and scared . . . Scared that you wont ever love me the way you did in the past . . . So scared at the thought that whatever I did, I wont be able to win your heart . . . and youll forever be gone and disappear in my life.”


Zhanders forehead creased as he continued to caress my face.  I was so desperate to tie you with me that I was forced to result to this kind of method.”


He then huffed a relief smile.


But now that your memories are back, I no longer have to do this.”


. . .


. . .




My hand grabbed his semi-hard penis and pulled it tight.




Zhander jolted in surprise. His eyes rounded and bulging, staring at me in disbelief.


I took advantage of his momentary shock and shoved him on the bed. I quickly straddled and pressed one of his acupuncture points, rendering him paralyzed.


E-Estela, w-what are you . . .”


Zhander was at a loss for words when I got off him and out of bed.


Zhander, be good. Ill be right back~,” I said with a playful tone.


With all my glory exposed, I sauntered into my closet. My lips hooked up in an evil smile when my secret compartment opened, and different sex toys and equipment for pleasure and pain dominated my sight.


Tehehehehe~! Oh Zhander, Ive told you youd pay someday for making me frustrated so much. Im a woman of my words.

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