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Chapter 47: His Move


I giggled in secret when he grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to him.


Ohhhh . . . savage!


I love it. Tehehehehe~!


Estela . . . Estela . . . please . . .”


He pulled me closer to him as he climbed on the bed and straddled my back. His breath was hot behind my ear as he chanted my name as if he was delirious.


Estela . . . please . . . let me have you . . . dont run away . . . ,” he murmured while nibbling my earlobe.

S-stop . . .”


Dont stop!


He stopped, and I frowned. I glanced at him and my eyes rounded.


He took off his clothes, looking not guilty on what he was going to do to me. All emotions on his face were unreadable, yet his eyes were burning with desire as he stared at me, not leaving my eyes for a second. He then unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his well-toned muscles and bronze skin.


It was like he completely shifted to his other-self. He was merciless, arrogant as he gazed at me.


I swallowed and swallowed my unending saliva while he licked his lips, at the same time, unbuckling his belt. His eyes remained lock on mine, promising pain and pleasure.


I wiggled away from him when he tossed his pants aside, leaving him with his boxers on.


L-let go! I screamed.


However, my resistance only excites him as his actions became more intense when he gripped my waist and raised my butt and rubbed it against his stiff penis.


He groaned when I wiggled my butt, trying to flee from his hold. But in truth, I was rubbing his big cock.  Tempting and urging him to his desires.


He pulled the zipper of my dress, almost ripping the damn thing off me as his other hand grip my waist, not letting me escape.


He turned me around while I pretended to struggle against him.


Estela, dont fight . . . ,” he said with a strained voice. If you obediently let me do you, I promise . . . Ill be gentle.”


. . .


. . .


I think I came just now.


All my blood rushed in my head in excitement as my body burned in anticipation while I pretended to resist some more.


Tehehehehe~ dont hold anything back Zhander.


Bad girl, Estela.”


I gulped when his pupils constricted, and before I even knew what he was going to do, he grabbed his shirt that was lying on the bed and tied my hands with it.


My eyes shone, and thankfully, his focus was on my hands, so he didnt see the excitement in my gaze.




When he finished tying my hands, he continued to undress me until nothing was left to cover my body while I pretended to beg him to stop.


He ogled my frame, roaming his eyes in every nook and cranny as his breathing turned ragged by the seconds while my heated body responded in turn.


He caressed my cheek, and forced a smile as he mumbled, Little Stela . . . forgive me . . . but this is the only way I can think of to tie you to me.”


He then hugged me, pressing his weight against my small frame. I didnt mind his weight as I focus more on his ever so trembling self as he continued to whisper endearment and promises in my ear. But all I thought was his hard rock erection pressing against my belly.


The anticipation is killing me!


Zhander, hurry up!


I shouted in my mind, hoping it could be transmitted to his brain.


I think he heard my mental shout as he kissed my neck while his hands roamed all over my body.

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