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Chapter 46: Hard to Get

Ahh… good to be back…

I didn’t know how long I had remained unconscious. I began to slowly assist myself, being careful not to rush things in my brain for it was still pounding hard.

When my body’s internal organs became stable, I slowly rose to my feet.

I carefully walked towards the pictures plastered on the wall with a hint of a smile on my face.

My darkroom saves me yet again!

I chuckled.

I caressed the only framed picture hanging on the wall where a tall boy had a grin on his face while bending his body, staring at the chubby little girl who was pouting as if she was arguing, yet still had a smile on her face.

“Oh, Zhander ~ I can’t wait to see you. Tehehehehe.”


I wrinkled my nose and creased my forehead. It was an automatic alarm that someone had just entered the private elevator into my unit.

I tossed one long glanced at the room before I got out and locked it tight.

Any presence of my brother inside my unit was long gone now.

He must have gone back to Leanna’s side.

I snickered as different naughty thoughts continually played in my mind.

My senses tingled at the approaching ripples in the air. Before I could even see the face of the trespasser, my fist already made its way towards his face.

It was a good thing that my fist stopped midway at the sight of that strikingly violet eyes.


How did he get inside?

My brother wouldn’t, he just clearly wanted to kill the man.

Oh! Right!

I gave him an access card to my unit.

I wanted to tell him the good news, but his savage urgent kiss stopped me.

He pinned me on the wall and began to assault my lips.


I kind of love this unrestrained dominant side of his.

Then an idea popped into my head.

It was a good thing that he was concentrating on ravishing my mouth and didn’t notice that slight quirked of my lips forming a mischievous smile.

I wanted to pretend to have still lost my memories. After all, Zhander seemed to turn dominant and lustful when I was acting hard to get.


It was a good thing that he didn’t notice that slight sing-song of my voice.

I have to make my voice more brittle and soft.

It took a lot of self-control on my part not to return his kisses. And when his hands released mine to undress me – I skillfully pushed him and sprinted away from him.


Come and eat me!

I secretly giggled as I ran towards my room.


I glimpsed at him upon hearing his pained, hurting voice. Then I noticed that he was slightly limping while his hand clasped his stomach.

I bit my lip to hold a whimper upon seeing his sorry state.

I cursed my brother many times in my head before slamming the door of my room, but of course, I didn’t lock it.

I pressed my tongue against my inner cheek. Thinking fast on where I wanted my first time to be.

Toilet, where the steamy hot spring awaits. The closet, where all my hidden weapons and toys were carefully placed. The solid wood of the study table, the exhibitionist window play, the uncomfortable couch or that classic warm, cozy bed.

Tehehehehe~! There’s just so much to choose from.


The door opened and came in Zhander. Although his expression was hurt, his eyes, however, didn’t waver one bit on what he was about to do.

Slightly limping, he slowly walked towards me, and for a moment, I just stood there, lost entirely in his dazzling handsome face.

I snapped out of it when I remembered that I was supposed to act hard to get.

I made up my mind and circled the bed to corner myself.


As expected, Zhander cut the route of my escape by also circling the bed. He was just meters away in front of me, and the only means of escape was to hover over the bed to the other side, which of course, I did and pretended to stumble on the mattress so he could catch me.


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