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Chapter 45: Into Dust

Agh… finally… I’m free…

A distant voice echoed when I opened my eyes.

I glanced at my surroundings.

There was nothing in here. All I could see were the hues of white. Blindingly bright white. It felt like I was floating, I couldn’t feel any sensation at all!

Am I in heaven?

“Hello me~!”

I glanced towards that cheerful, bubbly voice, and found…


My eyes widened in disbelief. I thought I was seeing a mirror and dumbly waved my hand at it.

A girl was standing just a meter in front of me who had the same face and body like me, but she was more……

Confident and…. cruel?

“W-who… who are you?”

All my fine hairs rose when the other girl smiled– mockingly smiled as she cockily tilted her head to the side while she pointed a finger at her lips, looking all cute.

Me? I’m you. Only… I’m the mature, confident and evil one while you were the naive, innocent, little girl I killed years ago to survive in this world.”

My jaw dropped. I looked at her in bewilderment. I think she’s crazy.

“K-killed…? I-I’m…. d-dead?”

My head swayed back and forth as I felt that everything twirled around me. I wanted to grab for something for support, yet all I could do was stumble and caught the girl in front of me instead.

The girl giggled as she slowly stroked my back as if comforting me.

“That’s right. But with that accident, you suddenly materialized, and I have taken the opportunity to lock myself inside you. Never to come out again.”

She chuckled while I was shaking my head in her embrace.

I wanted to pull away, but there seemed to be an invincible, extremely strong force pulling me closer to her, like a whirlpool sucking me in – deeper.

“Maybe the reason why you materialized because somewhere in me wanted to go back to that time when I was still just a kid surrounded by castles, rainbows, rays of sunshine and flowers.” She giggled again like a crazy woman.

“And also because the man I love prefers that innocent and pure girl that is you, than me who was tainted by the cruelty and harshness of the world.”

After a while, she sighed and gripped me by the shoulders as she steadily looked at me.

“But when we got stuck on that island and Zhander explained everything… I felt extremely…. regretful and love at the same time. I was so stupid to just run away like that and locked myself forever without hearing him first.”

She seemed to read my expression as she slowly nodded her head while smiling.

“Yes, I know everything that’s been happening.”

Then her eyes shone with a sinister glint as she crept a devilish grin.

“So you better give my body back to me. Zhander needs me.”

I pushed her away, but it felt like her nails had dug deeper into my shoulders while feeling that I was slowly being sucked by her, unable to resist.


“Don’t make me kill you the second time.” She threatened.

I fought the urge to close my eyes. I tried desperately to cling to my consciousness for I know that if I don’t – I’ll be forever gone.

“You… can’t… I’m… you…” I weakly croak. I saw in her bright emerald eyes that I was slowly turning invincible.

Slowly disappearing.


She sneered. “I don’t need my weak, naive, innocent self.”

“Y-you… mo… monster…”

She only widely grinned. “My dear… that’s the tragedy of living.”

I felt my warmth dissipating from me and tears escaped my eyes before I completely shattered and disappeared, leaving sparkles of dust before completely gone.

“Goodbye, my naive, pure, innocent self. You’ll only suffer in this cruel, harsh world.”

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