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Chapter 44: Shattered


B-brother, w-why are we here?


I knew where we are. We are in Azure Sky in New Haven. Lily once took me to this building, where she told me I reside while I was taking my college. Since I still have amnesia, my parents filed for an indefinite leave for me.


My brother pulled me from the helipad and into the private elevator.


He didnt answer my question. His focus was onward, not even glancing at me while his hand was holding mine in a tight grip.



When the elevator door opened, I was transported inside my unit.


W-why is he taking me here?


Cain . . .”


We stopped when out of nowhere, a pretty girl with pastel-colored lavender hair and mesmerizing brown eyes stumbled our view.


When she saw us, she stood from the sofa.


Leanna Lee


My brothers wife.


Leannas eyes shone as her lips curved into a smile when her gaze met mine.


She then zoomed towards me in an embrace.


Estela! Im so glad youre alright! How are you? How have you been?


I was stunned by the sudden closeness while her refreshing honey lemon fragrance made me calm.


She released me, checking me up and down with a tear in her eyes.


Im so happy youre alright!


I was rendered speechless at her intensity and the happiness radiating from her that all I could do was to stare at her silly.


Leanna . . .”


My brother went to her side and stretched out an arm around her shoulders before kissing her hair.


I recoiled when I was knocked back by an invincible force of love radiating from the two of them. I was not prepared for the sudden onslaught of affection from the two insensitive people.


I wanted to ask what she was doing here since even my brother was surprised to find her here, yet I zipped my mouth and let my brother do all the talking.


Leanna . . . Estela is a little . . . unwell. Let her rest.”


“. . .”


“. . .”


Leanna sighed. She stared at my brother with pleading eyes.


Cain . . . uncle Luke called me.”


At the mention of this, my brothers eyebrows twitched.


Zhander . . . is he . . . alright? Leanna asked, finding the answers in my brothers frosty eyes.


At the mention of Zhanders name, my heart leaped, missing a beat.


Does she know?


Shes my brothers wife, of course, she knew what was happening. Im sure my brother couldnt bear to lie to her with a pleading, flustered, adorable face like that.


When my brother remained unrelenting with a serious face, Leanna continued to urge.


Cain, Zhander is Uncle Lukes grandson, and . . . a friend of ours,” Leanna pleaded with a hard gaze, not backing down against my brother.


I watched as the two battled in silence with their gazes until my brother gave up and sighed.


Alright . . .”


I was amazed at how this girl could convince my brother to do her every bidding. My brother was like an obedient dog following her every command.


Shes formidable!


I was also amazed and baffled that I could breathe calmly again after hearing my brothers hesitant alright.’ I knew Zhander would be fine.


Come now, my love. Let Estela rest.”


My brother guided Leanna towards the elevator even though she kept glancing back at me. Her expression said she didnt want to go.


In front of the elevator, my brother kissed her forehead before he smiled at her full of warmth.


Wait for me at home . . . Ill be there in a minute.”


Leanna stared at me some more before she quietly nodded.


Alright . . . But I want you to tell me everything that happened.”


My brother nodded, and it was only when she rode the elevator. Before the door completely closed, she took one final glanced at me, and smiled. I couldnt help but smile as well.


Come on.”


My brothers warmth vanished when his wife left. He was entirely back to his usual icy cold, indifferent self.


He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in front of a white painted solid door where some kind of a high tech looking device was plastered on the wall beside the frame.


I looked at my brother, who was now pulling out some kind of a small gadget, like a little calculator. He pasted it beside the locking device and typed on its tiny buttons until a click resounded in the quiet room.


He didnt open the door. Instead, he stared at me with a serious face.


Ive given you the easy way to revert by yourself. Taking it slow . . . But I guess that man is really useless.”


He smiled at me, yet all I felt was the quaking of my body in fear.


I guess its time for plan B. The hard way.”

He grinned, and before I could even ask him what he was talking about, he opened the door and shoved me into the room.




A loud click was all I heard, followed by deafening silence.


The room was dark yet very familiar.




I cried, yet only my sobs and whimpers answered me back as I pounded the solid door. The door didnt even budge an inch or vibrated even with all my strength.


Panting and a little sore in the throat from all the crying, I glanced at my surroundings. I couldnt make out the room with all the darkness. I tapped the walls, hoping to find some sort of a switch, or a lever, or anything that could help me out.


My fingers finally stumbled upon a protruding object, and when I pressed it, the room brightened like thousands of lights illuminated everything.


My eyes closed at the sudden blinding light. And when I adjusted to it, I took a peek, and the Pandoras box shook before it shattered into pieces.


The next thing I knew, I was lying against the cold marble floor. Everything was all in blurry white until I lost consciousness.

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